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Bull Redfish on Guided Fishing Trip

Finding Redfish Guides or Redfish Charter Captains on the Gulf Coast and, particularly in Venice Louisiana is easy enough: there are many of us. We appreciate your interest in fishing with us.

Our Goals and How We Catch Bull Redfish, slot Redfish and Speckled Trout.

Captain Shawn's goal as a fishing guide is for all his clients to have a chance at a fishing trip of a lifetime that they will remember as a positive experience. How do we achieve this goal? Well, the most obvious answer is to "catch fish", or better yet to catch "a limit of speckled trout or red fish". Don't worry, Captain Shawn will find fish to catch. However, there is more to it than catching fish.

This is what he says:

My # 1 goal is to get my clients to the fishing area and back to the dock safely. There are many hazards around the mouth of the Mississippi River like: fog, ships, ships waves, logs, electrical storms, high seas...The last thing we need is a collision with a log or any other problem. Fortunately, I have not had any serious injuries on my boat. I can find safe areas to fish when the weather and the water are not cooperating.
I've had folks that have gone fishing with me that have commented that they had caught some nice speckled trout or redfish with other fishing guides, but the fishing guide was a jerk, so they are trying me out (most fishing guides are nice people by the way). I think that the most important thing for a client and fishing guide should do before a fishing trip is to communicate. What is it that you expect from the fishing guide? Does the client have any special needs or handicaps that need to be addressed? Please let me know if you have any special needs or particular expectations.


100_0576_640Targeting Specific Fish ( Bull Redfish, slot Redfish, Speckled Trout, Sheepshead, Tripletail Etc.)

If a client wants to target a specific species of fish then I will direct my efforts toward catching that fish.

Many of my clients want to target the big "Bull' Redfish. Over the past several years the best months to target the big Redfish in Fall and Winter are mid October to mid March. During the Summer, while the sharks can be a nuisance, the second part of July to the end of August are productive months for the bulls as well. I will try to get you what you want however, the more fishing experience my clients have, the more fish they will catch and the more fishing spots we can explore. The creel limit for Redfish in Louisiana is 5 per person and the slot is 16 to 27 ". The oversized Bull Redfish are catch and release. 

We target slot Redfish 12 months out of the year. However, the best months are October, November and December followed by March, April and May. 

Sheepshead,  March and April are definitely the best months to target this fine eating fish. If the conditions are favorable, we will fill the oversized cooler with these fish. 

To target Speckled Trout late October, November and December are the best months. The second half of April and first half of May can also be good for the Trout. 

Tripletail, August through December are the best months for these elusive fish. Tripletail can be difficult to find. On a good day, we can get 10 strikes and boat only 5... It takes a little more experienced fisherman to catch these fish. They are great fighting fish and delicious to eat.

These months mentioned above are simply a guide line to help you schedule your next fishing trip. It is as accurate as I can get it. The only constant is change. "A plan is useless but planning is invaluable".

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