hello everyone!

just to let you know that we are open and running  

We have openings for the Spring and  Summer! Now is the time to call as the dates will start to be taken.... We haven’t been sick or near sick people. 
Come get a breath of fresh air and catch some fish too! 




Hello to you anglers

Hoping that 2021 found you healthy and will keep you healthy! 

It has been a difficult year for a great majority of people and we are really hoping that things will get better 

We are open for business, the fish is still here in Venice Louisiana! The winter weather does not bother the Redfish, they stay around all year long, unless it is spawning season... It is not yet! Our Winters are probably milder than yours, so fishing in South Louisiana for Redfish is possible. Give it a thought if you have been confined for a while....

So, if you are interested in catching Bull Reds or keeper Redfish now is a good time to book your next fishing trip. The early bird ( or angler) gets first choice for the dates he wants!

You can go on our Facebook page to see more pictures of the last few months. We were busy, considering the circumstances ( virus), and the cancellations we had . We certainly appreciate the clients that came from many states. Some drove and others were brave enough to fly!

We are ready for another year of catching Bull Reds with you!

Give us a call or email us your questions . 






Venice Louisiana Redfish Fishing Report.

July 08 2020. 

Fish On Guide Service is open for business full speed even though the virus has many businesses slowed down currently. We are lucky. We have been out fishing at a normal pace, mostly after the keeper fish for the ice chest since Spring. Now that July is here it is time to focus on the big BULL Redfish for the next two months. All my trips until the second week of September are with clients that want to target the oversized Redfish. It’s the time of year that seems to be easier to locate the big fish. They give their position more often in the Summer by busting the water or hanging near the more abundant bait pods.

I wish I had something more wonderful and interesting to add, but really I hope something stupid does not interfere with our fishing: like a stupid hurricane, or stupid sharks deciding to move in and tear up our tackle and run the Reds off to deeper water, or anything else that makes my job tough. I like it when tough means I have to lift the Reds in and out of the boat. This Friday kicks it all off for the dedicated Bull Redfish season. We will ice down the water and take a boat ride. Like us on Facebook and share our page, we appreciate you! There are more pictures also....

                                                                              Bill and first Redfishbill and BullRed
                                                                                                                         great job Bill for this bullred

Venice Louisiana Redfish Fishing Report.

April 28, 2020.

This last weekend We had Troy, Randy, and Bill fishing with us from the great city of Memphis in the great state of Tennessee. They traveled South through the great state of Mississippi before entering the great state of Louisiana. Finally, their delightful voyage ended in the great parish of Plaquemines, where they wanted to participate in fishing for Redfish and Speckled Trout. For some reason they wanted me, Capt. Shawn Lanier, to be their host. Troy was down last month with me. He and Randy come fishing with me every year. This time they brought along Bill. Now, Bill is a fine man with long black hair who smokes and prefers Coors light for his beverage. Troy prefers smoking Camels and likes Miller light. Randy does not smoke, but he does put away Bud light efficiently. None of these fine gentleman crush their beer cans before putting them in my designated trash can on the boat, which is one of my live wells that I never have used for bait. I am relieved that they don’t crush their beer cans, because I really don’t like the sound of them being crushed. The sound of a beer can being crushed reminds me of an animal being hit by a vehicle on the highway and dragging up under the vehicle and tearing up the exhaust pipe, and finally rolling off the road into the ditch. These three fine souls from Memphis are my kind of guys.

After launching my trusty bayboat, with the help of my skillful rope holding crew, we commenced to get underway down the muddy Mississippi River to zero in on a likely fishing spot. We found a spot to fish shortly after and proceeded to catch Speckled Trout and Redfish. Mostly trout. The most exciting catch was Bill’s 21 lb. Bull Redfish. Bill’s first Bull Redfish. Anyway, they had a good time and so did I. I can’t wait until they come back.

Business has been slow for April due to the Covid19 virus. May going to be slow as well. Fortunately, not many clients have canceled trips for these months, instead they have postponed until later in the year. I do think fishing is one of the safer activities people could participate in during this time. We have to get out of the house sometime and practice safe behavior. Keep a safe distance from others, watch what you touch, wash your hands a lot. This virus is not going away anytime soon. You may as well book you a fishing trip if you had wanted to to begin with. You more likely to catch it at the grocery store or touching cash. Be careful out there. Have a good one. Adios, Amigos.

 Spinner Bait Bob and Bullred to be mounted
James and Cory
nice Bull Reds!






Venice Louisiana Redfish Fishing Report. 

February 22 2020. 


This February has been some pretty decent fishing for us for the big Redfish around the Venice Louisiana area. We have had some days where we boated over thirty of the big fish, and some days we only boated a dozen, but no really bad days. We have caught our fish on popping cork rigs and some oversized spinner baits that I get from some dick move guy up in Missouri. Yesterday would most likely been a bad day. The wind blew to gale force. Glad I was not out there on the water.  

The Mississippi River stage is at 15.3 feet and is supposed to be at 16.5 feet within a week. No big surprise about that. The last few years the Mississippi River has been higher than average. No big deal as far as the fishing goes. The high river pushes the fish to the outside bays and beaches where I fish most of the time anyway.  

The fog has been a real problem when we get a southerly wind off the gulf, making my job more difficult. The fish don’t mind the fog, so we navigate slowly down the river looking at our radar screens. Nothing new for this time of year. 

So, everything is kind of normal here in Venice this Winter. It doesn’t suck. The fishing is pretty good most days. Come on down. Book a fishing trip. Life is good. Take a look at some of the pictures I took of some folks holding some nice fish. Make my day. 




Not bad Jim! nice Redfish!

Venice Louisiana Redfish Fishing Report.

February 04 2020. 

February and the second half of January is the best time of year to have a shot at a trophy :BULL” Redfish. I don’t know why that is, but we catch the heaviest fish during the Winter Months. I took out Dwain and Jim from Georgia to target the big Reds the last couple days and we caught some nice ones. The fish liked the spinner baits more than the cork rigs. The fish started hitting the corks instead of the plastic up under it, so we started throwing the spinner and had better success with hook ups. Most of the fish we boated were over 20 lbs., with our heaviest at 27.5 lbs.

Summer time, late June, July, August, and the first week of September are the best time to come fishing for the big bull Redfish for sheer numbers of them. They are easier to locate during this time of year. The weather is more stable is probably the reason. The second half of October, November, and early December are very good for big Reds as well.

We have a busy schedule on the books for this year, but have openings if you want to get in on some fishing action. April and May are good months to put keeper Redfish and Speckled Trout in the ice chest to take home. Contact us if you would like to talk about it. Thanks.



Venice Louisiana Redfish Fishing Report.

January 4, 2020.

 Down here at the Fish On Venice lodge we have been busy doing more maintenance and chores than fishing, so far this year (2020). We poured concrete in one of our boatsheds. We put a new metal roof on Capt. Pete’s house. We changed water pumps on the boats. A bunch of other stuff. I have to order a couple loads of limestone for the driveway, because it sinks and disappears. All kinds of chores to do while things are slow for business. Business always slows down in late December and early January. Not that the fishing can not be good during this time, but all the fishing charters pick up in February.

Last week I took a couple guys out on a redfish charter. I had not been out fishing for a while, but went through my standard procedure. First, determine where you know you don’t want to fish based on the winds for the last two days, then figure out where your best shot at catching fish is. The two best areas to try to fish were not fishable the day we were going out, but we went down the Mississippi River in protected water and did well on larger slot Redfish, a few big “BULL” Redfish, and big Black Drum. We fished a wind blown cane bank and did not move around much, because the fish were liking that bank we were on. It was a good day.

2019 was a really good year for us on the Redfish charters, as well as other species like Speckled Trout. The Trout fishing was particularly good this last November and early December .  So far in 2020, we are getting a good many calls for fishing out of Fish On Venice Lodge for dates through out this year. If you are interested, please, give us a call and we can discuss when would be the best time to target your favorite inshore species of fish.



We wanted to wish you all a Very Healthy, Prosperous and Happy New Year!
May 2020 be as good and better than 2019!

Reminder: We are open in Winter too.... the Fish stay around... So, if you feel like doing a little fishing down South, give us a call! All inclusive will not be available in January ( the French chef goes to France to visit the family) but you can still stay with us and do your own cooking or go out for supper... We have comfortable accommodations...

Give us a call to reserve your Next fishing trip. Now is the time to get the dates you want.

Anyway, see you next year! 😊


Venice Louisiana Redfish Fishing Report.   Ray and Angela braving the cold

December 3, 2019.

The last couple of weeks of November have really been good fishing for the big “BULL” Redfish, slot Redfish, and Speckled Trout. My clients wanted to target the species of fish based on the conditions of the day, so the fish bite worked out. The calmer days, when the seas were calmer, we went after the big fish. On the windier days we stayed in the marsh and targeted the Specs, along with Sheepshead and slot Redfish. It all worked out good to end the year for fishing. December has some really good fishing to offer, but, as usual, not many people book fishing trips with me in December. We have had a really busy year, so a break from guiding is fine. I have a long list of chores and projects to get started on, including maintenance on the houses.

I get asked a lot “When is the best time of year to come fish the Venice area?” The best time is when you can come. We fish all twelve months. 2/3 of the time is fair to good fishing, and 1/3 of the time is slow to not so good fishing. On average this is the case. We want to fish when they are active and stay home when they don’t bite. We don’t know what is going on until we go try.

A really good way to end the year. We really crushed the Big “BULL” Redfish yesterday and the day before. My clients had to surrender before quitting time because they had had enough. We left the fish biting. The Reds were on a rampage before this cold front. If I had Bull Redfish clients today and tomorrow the conditions would be difficult to target the big fish. Really rough seas.

I still have a few days open in December for DAY TRIPS if you are in the mood for fishing …..

Give me a call to book your next year fishing trip! My book is wide open and the sooner you call, the more chance to get your preferred dates you will have…



Venice Louisiana Redfish report.

October 6, 2019

. Wayne and Randy from North Carolina, pretty proud of their Bullreds catches.


  Todd proud of his 35lb Bull Redfish.

The big “BULL” Redfish have started to move to the coastline, and are easier to locate now that September is over with and October has arrived. September is the toughest month of the year to find numbers of big Redfish and I am glad it is over with. Even so, we caught some 30 plus pound fish last week. Pete and I have been out the last week with two groups of clients running two boats with three per boat. The East wind has kept us on the West side of the Mississippi River. Using artificial lures, our guests have boated between twenty and thirty Redfish between 15 to 35 lbs.  90% have been over 20 lbs.  Probably 20 of those fish were over 30 lbs. You are not going to boat them all. About half our hook ups spit the hook after pulling out drag. THAT IS HOW IT GOES! The Redfish’s job is to spit the hook, and they are on the job.

Winter is approaching. Wintertime Bull Redfishing is exceptional 70% of the time. If a strong front comes through we might not go out that day, but we go out the next few days. December, January, and February is when you can catch the heaviest on average Redfish. The Fish On Lodge is open during the Winter. This Fall should be real good as well. We are all booked up until December arrives. Anyway, all is going well for us. Not everyday is a good bite, but I wish it were. 

Call now to reserve your days on the water in 2020!



Venice Louisiana Redfish fishing Report.

September 2, 2019.

The big “BULL” Redfish bite has been awesome here in the Venice, Louisiana area. We have been fishing around the mouth of different passes and the outside bays for the over sized Redfish. A big soft plastic under a popping cork finds the Bull Redfish and then we can start throwing top water plugs for them. The more experienced anglers throw top waters without hooks, because it’s the blowup on the lure that is exciting more so than boating the fish. Safer for me too. I have been out on the water about 90% of the time since April or March, and its time for a voluntary slowdown now that September has arrived. The big “BULL” Redfish seem to go offshore for three weeks or so this month and are difficult to locate, so I try not to book trips targeting the big Reds. I am tired. The slot Redfish fishing is good in September, especially since the Mississippi River stage has dropped considerably. We have started fishing in the passes of the river for keeper size fish. We will start targeting the oversized fish again late this month, and expect October through the first of the year to be really good fishing for any inshore fishing. The biggest and heaviest Redfish on average seem to always be around during the Wintertime months. We had a great January and February this year. The conditions are tougher in the Winter months, so we have to be tougher and deal with the cold, moisture, wind, and fog.

Great year for us. We have had many guests at our lodges fishing multiple boats. We really appreciate the great fishing captains that help us, and our great customers.

Please, don’t forget to like our reports on Facebook and share them too! We appreciate you!



  Double Reds for these anglers from Kentucky!





Venice Louisiana Redfish Fishing Report.

June 20, 2019.


Good news! The “BULL” Redfish have been showing up along the coastline in big numbers in some of the areas we would expect them to be. Hopefully, the weather will let us get to them on the days we want to target them. Hopefully, the big Reds will start showing up in a lot more areas along the coastline, so we can target them with different wind and sea directions. We get a high Mississippi River every Spring, but this year the river has been high for a much longer period of time, so all the fresh water seems to have pushed the bait farther off the coast and the oversized Reds have followed the bait to deeper waters. The high river has actually helped congregate the slot Redfish to the outside bays and beaches all this Spring, and has made them easy to target, although the last couple of weeks they have been more difficult to find. I don’t know why they have been harder to find. The only constant is change it seems. We have to figure out what is going on with the fish every day. The fact that the big Redfish have been showing up in bigger numbers is great, because almost all my clients in July and August want to target the big “BULL”  Redfish.  July and August seem to be the easiest months to locate the big Redfish. December through mid March are when you catch the heaviest Reds. Winter time is when you want to come for a “trophy Bull Redfish”. Fall is really good for them as well. I think Spring is when you want to come fish with a Venice Louisiana fishing charter for fish to take home and eat. Things always change. I’ts fishing. We are lucky that we fish here all year long. I sure hope we don’t have a hurricane hit us this year. All good so far. Hope all is going well for you all.



Venice Louisiana Redfish Fishing Report.

June 07 2019.

Some big “BULL” Redfish have showed up the last few days. We have mostly been slot Redfish fishing, but have seen sign of big fish and have stopped the boat and have had really good action on the big fish until they disappear. I wish they would bite all day long, but the bite has died out after an hour or so. It is encouraging to see them come in out of the deeper water and show themselves. The bite should steadily get better on the oversized BULL Reds. The slot Redfish have been biting good half the day, especially early. I wish I could report that everything has been easy as far as the fish bite, but it comes and goes. We just keep moving if we don’t have a bite, and then we get a good bite and make up for the slow times. We have been coming back to the lodge with coolers full of fish. I wish the first stop in the morning was the mother load of fish, but it has not been “easy”. Main thing is everyone has had a good time. We just had to keep working at it.

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  Kevin from Colorado


Venice Louisiana Redfish fishing Report.

May 6, 2019.

 I say, I say, boy the Big “Bull” Redfish fishing has been on the tough side lately. We have caught some nice big ones, but not a lot of numbers. Fortunately, most of my clients lately have wanted to target fish to take home. The slot Redfish fishing has been good, and we have been filling the cooler with Reds and some Specs.

Here is the deal with the Bull Redfish fishing months. Keep in mind there is always good days and tough days with the big Redfish. The “BULL” Redfish are always along the Louisiana coast. The toughest time to get them close to the coastline are mid March to late June. Also, September. The best time to target the big “BULL” Redfish is mid June, July, August, October, November, December, January, February, the first two weeks of March. Not September. The heaviest fish will usually be in the Winter. Late March through middle of June and September are tougher months for big Redfish, but great for the eating size Reds and other eating fish. That is what I know, but I am not always right.

We have been really busy here at the Fish ON Guide Service and we appreciate everyone coming fishing with us. Really great folks from New Jersey, Texas, Colorado, Oregon, South Carolina...




 Will and bullredwill and bullred





March 26, 2019.

We have had some really nice outdoorsmen fishing with us the last couple of weeks from Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina. Most everyone wanted to take fish home to eat, so we mostly targeted the slot Redfish. The slot Reds have been biting more consistently than the “BULL” Redfish, although we have also caught some really big Reds when we tried for them. We have also caught some big fish while targeting the small ones. Dead Shrimp under a cork has been working good for a bite in the murky water that we have.

I have had a couple of calls from some people scheduled to fish with me concerned about the high Mississippi River. The river is always high here this time of year. The Army Corp. of Engineers has open up the spillways North of New Orleans to take pressure off the river where we fish and navigate. If I think it is too dangerous to fish, I will call off trips. Let me worry about that. The high river has the fish thick on the outside areas. All good.







Venice Louisiana Fishing Report.

March 17, 2019.

 It has been a while since I have given a fishing report, because of no particularly reason. The fishing has been good on the days we have been out. Late December. January, and February are our slowest months, but the fishing during this time is really good 80% of the time. The other 20% of the time the wind is blowing really hard and it makes fishing tough. I do think the biggest Redfish are caught in the winter months. The average weight of the “BULL” Redfish is heavier during the cold months. We started getting really busy now that we are in March. The slot Redfish have been easy to find, and the oversized big Redfish have cooperated as well. There are only a couple of areas that have been holding both the small and big Redfish, so we watch the direction of the wind and seas so as to know where we can fish. The fog has really been around a lot this year. I mean really thick fog. Sometimes, it never burns off the river all day. It really makes it difficult to navigate, especially in narrow channels where the radar screen is not as clear. You have to have confidence in your electronics or you will go nuts. Its kinda stressful maintaining your concentration while navigating in thick fog for twenty miles one way. The cold and high Mississippi River creates all the fog, especially with a southerly wind. The river has been high since last Fall, which is not normal. Everyone knows the Mississippi River is high this year. Just turn the tv on, and watch the news. Logs are floating down the East side of river everywhere. We have three times more dredging equipment down river than normal to keep the river navigation open. The positive thing about the high river is that it has all the Redfish staged on the outside beaches, bays, and coves. All the fresh water forced them out. There is always something good about something bad as far as conditions to fish down here and vice versa. Anyway, we are busy fishing. The slower time of the year is done with. I did not get done with all my non fishing Winter projects. Have a good one.



Venice Louisiana Fishing Report.
December 6, 2018

The busy season for fishing charters is over for me for this year, but its not because the fishing is not good. It is because business always slows down into December. The fishing for slot Redfish has been outstanding for the last couple of weeks. The high Mississippi River levels have pushed the fish to the outside bays, so the fish are thick there. Plus, the fish are biting, which is not always the case. We have had windy conditions most of the time, so the big “BULL” Redfish have been hard to get to on the outside beaches and bays. We have had to fish behind the canes for slot Redfish and an occasional “BULL”. The Mississippi River stage is around 10 ft. and it is going to rise some more, so I expect the slot Redfish action to be consistently good. Who knows. If the wind would quit blowing hard all the time we could get on the big fish consistently.
We just fished two boats for the last three days with our clients from Kentucky and Massachusetts. They ate breakfast and headed back home, today. It was a great bite all three days even though we had windy conditions. We have had a super busy year. The weather this year has been more unstable than average, so we had more days that were tough. However, we had some great days when I did not think we would do well at all. I wish the fish always bit good. I always tell folks that want to book a trip for next year to call me after new years day, but I have been getting quite a few calls recently for fishing next year. Remember this: The Winter fishing here can be terrific. June, July, August, and October have been the top months for the big Redfish the last couple of years – not September, although it has been great for slot Reds.
I will post a few pics after this post. they are from the few past weeks...
Thank you for a busy year 2018.
We met clients and left new friends...
Leila and I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

See you in 2019!










catching bull redfish in venice louisianacatching bull redfish in venice louisiana 

picture from this past Monday. conditions were tough but the Mays were tougher...


Venice Louisiana Fishing Report coming soon... We have been pretty busy and I haven’t had a minute to recap and write a report. All i can say is that the Bull Redfish are here to be caught!


 Please, check our Facebook page to watch a short video with Mike Iaconelli. He did a show ( Fish my city) about New Orleans and came fishing for Bull Redfish in Venice Louisiana, with us. It was fun! 


Venice Louisiana fishing report.

September 4, 2018

We have been really busy here at the Fish On Venice Lodge for the last month. Really, we have been busy since March. We postponed the fishing trips for the next few days due to hurricane-tropical storm Gordon. I am treating it as a vacation. I need a few days to get off my feet some. I have had very few days off. I am thankful to be busy, but we need a break here and there.

The fishing has been good. As usual, we have been targeting the Redfish, especially the big “BULL” Redfish, but also the slot Redfish. We have caught a few Tripletail as well. We have had to dodge some popup thunderstorms, but the cloud cover has made it comfortable to fish. It has been cooler here than inland. The Mississippi River stage has been low, so the slot Redfish have been biting in the river passes. The oversized Reds have been off the outside bays and beaches as usual. As long as we don’t have more tropical disturbances I would guess that the fishing will be consistant.  I would not say the fishing has been great, just good. We have to find the fish every day. The sooner we find the fish the better.

I sure am glad we are getting the west side of this storm. Go to our Facebook page for pictures....

Stay safe.


Venice Louisiana Fishing Report.

July 30, 2018

July has been a really good month overall for the big Redfish bite. The weather has been calm, so we have been able to move around to different areas to locate the “BULL” Redfish. We have had the Summertime pop up thunderstorms that give us some cloud cover to keep us less hot. As long as we don’t get under the storms they actually work for us instead of against us by keeping us cooler. We usually are not fully booked this time of year, I suppose, because people don’t want to deal with the heat, but the “BULL” Redfish fishing can be outstanding. This year we are almost fully booked for whatever reason right now into early December. Some days we can add another group of anglers for a third boat. Hopefully, we don’t have a hurricane to rock our world. One thing is for sure: Every day is different in the fishing guide business. If only the fish bite was great every time we went out on the water…

Check our Facebook page for pictures....



Venice Louisiana fishing Report.

June 18, 2018.


Capt. Pete and Capt. Clint and Capt. Eddie have been helping us put our clients on fish for the last couple of weeks. We have had some large and small groups of anglers from Tennessee, New Jersey, Georgia, California, Wyoming, Texas, and other places. Other than the last two days the fish have been on a rampage. They can’t feed hard every day, but I want them to. Both the big “BULL” Redfish and the slot Redfish have been easy to locate most days. We have been having good stable weather most days, so we have been having more areas to hunt the fish down. The sooner we find them the better, as always.  We have to find them every day. Sometimes, they are where we left them, sometimes they are not.

The biggest Redfish we have boated the last couple of weeks was a 34 pounder. Jane from New Jersey caught the big guy. Last year she boated a 39 pound Redfish. When we target the “BULL” Redfish they have averaged around 20 pounds. We have been using artificial lures in the murky water that they like to hang around in.

We have been really busy here at the Fish On Venice Lodge so far this year, and we have a real busy Summer ahead. Summer and Fall are the most consistent months for catching the over size Reds. Hopefully, we will not have a hurricane come our way to ruin our fishing. We shall see.




Venice Louisiana Fishing Report                

May 27, 2018.

We have been super busy here at the Fish On Venice Lodge, so I have neglected my fishing report thing. It’s a challenge just to return my phone calls. May has been some terrific fishing. The weather has stabilized, so we have been able to move around to find the fish, and even fish some of the offshore shallow water platforms for Speckled Trout. The big “BULL” Redfish have been giving us some solid action as well. That is good news, because for the last two years May and June have been spotty for the big fish. Looks like this year the big Reds are not going to wait until July to turn on. The slot Redfish have cooperated as well. They are not at every spot, but we eventually find them sooner or later. All in all the fishing has been good, and it should get better. Stay tuned for more reports, because I plan on taking time to give them.

Call now to reserve your Fall and Winter dates…

See you soon. Check and like our Facebook page and look at our latest pictures....


                                                                                             Bull Reds for Ron and Roger from Californiabull reds in Venice Louisiana


                                                              Ron and Roger from California catching Redfish in Venice Louisiana!

Venice Louisiana Fishing Report.

April 19, 2018. 

We have been so busy fishing that we have not posted a report lately, but we still love you. Pete and I have had clients from California (two groups from way over there), Georgia, Indiana, Texas, and Alabama down fishing the last couple weeks. These are groups of 4 to 6 folks that need two boats. Everyone had a good time. Leila and Pete have kept me straight. Good thing I have good help.

The fishing has not been bad, but we have really had to work hard for the oversized Redfish. The weather has been unstable and the high river has pushed many of the big Reds offshore where we can’t get to them. However, we have been catching some quality Reds up to 30 lbs. The smaller Reds have been easy to come by. Real easy. We have been accidentally catching Speckled Trout on our Redfish lures as well. The trout fishing has been good for the most part if that is what you want. Most of my clients don’t want to target trout with live shrimp, but that is the ticket for catching trout. March and April seem to be the toughest months to fish as far as I am concerned, but if it was easy everyone would be a guide.

We had a strong front come through this last Saturday with gale force winds Sunday morning.  Monday rolled around and I had to take out a big name in the Bass pro world for Bull Redfish. Pete took out the camera crew to film it. The pro knew it was going to be tough because he is not stupid. We caught a handful of Reds and all were happy. I signed paperwork that won’t let me give out names till the show comes out. It’s been tough, but the only clients that were not super happy were the ones that have been with me before where we caught 40 to 60 Bull Redfish. The lodge is open and we will keep the lights on for you.



Venice Louisiana Fishing Report                                   . Fritz and Bullred.

March 25, 2018

This March has really been good to us on the water and at the Fish On Venice Lodge. The fishing for the “BULL” Redfish and the slot Redfish have been solid, and we have caught some nice Speckled Trout as well. As usual, the weather has forced us to change fishing locations daily due to the wind direction, but this March has had calmer weather than usual. The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is just over 16 feet above sea level, but no need to panic, the river rises every Spring. The rise in the Mississippi is a little early this year, which I think is fine.

The slower time of the year for fishing charter bookings is fixing to come to an end, because April is very busy for us. Most days this April we are fishing two to three boats per day. April usually is not that busy. May is extremely busy for us, as usual. I expect the Redfishing and Speckled Trout fishing to continue to be steady. Every day out on the water is different, for sure. We have to find the fish every day, and sooner is better than later.

We still have openings for the top “BULL” Redfish Summer months and Fall months. We are fortunate to be able to fish 12 months a year. I always get asked when the best time on the year is to fish, and it is not easy to answer that question, because you never know. September, October, and November might be the best answer. Really, the best time to fish Venice, Louisiana is when you have time to come down.;) Don't forget to like us on Facebook to read and share our reports and see more pictures.




Venice Louisiana Fishing ReportMarch 04 2018. 

February was a slow month for us here at the Fish On Venice Lodge. February usually is slow, but 12 to 15 days on the water is usually the norm. I guess we need to put out the word to the folks up North that the fishing is fair to good  60% to 70% of the time. Catching fish down here would be a lot more fun than hanging around the house in the frozen snow. March and April are busier than usual for us.

Captain Pete and myself just had a couple groups of anglers coming from Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, and North Carolina. They were all friends that decided to get reunited here for a get together. All three of Pete’s days were productive good days. Two of three days for my boat went good. We concentrated on the big “BULL” Redfish all three days and caught some really nice fish. We had two that went over 30 lbs. Many were over 25 lbs. and a bunch from 12lbs. to 25 lbs. We also boated a 34lb. freshwater Catfish on our standard Redfish rig, a plastic under a popping cork. We caught most of our fish in murky water instead of the clearer water. Good thing that was the case, because the Mississippi River stage has really jumped up early this year, so we are mostly forced to fish muddy water. The fish don’t leave because the river gets high. Our biggest challenge is to fish where the effects of the wind are not blowing us around, so we change locations mucho. Check out our pictures of some nice Redfish. Until next time!

Tell your friends up North about us here down south, we are open even in January, February and March! No frozen lakes here…. 

Venice Louisiana Fishing Report.

January 20, 2018 

We have had some solid days fishing for the big Redfish here in the Venice area this January, but we have had to postpone some trips due to super bad weather we have had. Half the time so far this year we have had freezing temperatures with very windy conditions. Getting a “BULL” Redfish to hit during one of these fronts would unlikely happen, and it would be really uncomfortable for us anglers. It has been much colder this year than average. When we have gone out fishing we have had 10 to 25 fish boated, and I spoke with one of my guide friends this morning and he told me he went out yesterday to an area we have been fishing and they had boated 41 big Reds. 41 oversized Redfish is a really good day for this time of year. The Reds were feeding a couple days after a huge weather event. I expect today and tomorrow would be good days as well, but I am not booked and I have chores to do, otherwise I would take my flats boat out for a ride and target some small fish.

To sum it up, so far this year my clients from California, Georgia, and North Dakota only got two days of fishing in, instead of three, but had a good time fishing for big fish and enjoyed staying with us at the lodges. Another group from California was supposed to fish with me the first week of January, but I called them ahead of time to tell them the conditions were so bad that they should not come, so they rescheduled for April. We don’t have as much on the books this time of year, so we have more down time for maintenance.


Venice Louisiana Fishing Report.

December 21, 2017. 

If I report the good fishing, then I have to report the bad fishing. The last four days starting yesterday the big “BULL” Redfish fishing was been terrible. The big fish are here, but they have not been biting these last few days. The slot fish and Speckled Trout bite are fine, but I have been taking folks out for the exciting fish-Bull Redfish. It happens with all fish. We have had three boats out spread out and communicating where the big fish are and mother nature has shut them down the last four days. Glad I am off until January second. They may have started biting today for all I know. I am not worried about the big Reds are all dead or went out of state, but when I am out guiding they need to bite. The ones we did catch were nice. Everyone had a good time anyway and were good sports, because they fish and it was not their first bad trip. Other than heavy duty fog, the conditions have been good as far as humans are concerned. Maybe the Reds have been feeding at night in the fog.

We have had a record year for charter guests here at the lodge, and our clients have had great things to say about our captains, cooking, and accommodations. I sure am lucky to have such good help. I just do what they tell me to do. We have a lot on the books for next year and getting calls for more. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!


Venice Louisiana Fishing Report

December 02, 2017

We have had some really nice groups of clients over the last week and the Big “BULL” Redfish bite has been terrific. Good weather too. We have been fishing with folks from Alabama, Washington State, and New York. They had a good time here at the lodge as well.

I fished with the New Yorkers, John Henry, and Rick Henry, brothers since a long time :). Capt. Pete and Capt. Johnny took out the other folks. My guys caught 34 bulls the first day, 53 the second day, and the third day 17. We did not catch as many day three because we decided to try somewhere different to see something new. We took a chance and it really did not matter, because they had a good time anyway. They were sore from the days before anyway. The fish were biting so good the first two days that we were hooking the Reds and another Red would hit the cork under water and break off or mutilate the cork. We even created a new song called “halfway back to the boat cork hit”. The Reds were blowing up on the cork. They would hold on to the cork for 5 or 10 seconds then spit it. We were singing about it. We all have been having a ball. I hope the fish bite stock market keeps going up. We don’t need any corrections in the market. All good here.

Now, is a good time to book your trip for next year. Books are wide open, you can get the dates you want right away! Give me a call…

john and Rich with their catchbullreds in Venice Louisiana
John and Rich from New York and their bullreds

                                                                             Larry from Kentucky

Venice Louisiana Fishing Report 

The big “BULL” Redfish fishing has been terrific this last week. We have been fishing with folks from Massachusetts, North Carolina, Florida, Kentucky, and Alabama and we have been averaging 25 to 45 of the big Reds per boat each day, depending on how much energy the anglers had. Everyone has been having a good time on the water and at the lodge. We are off most of this Thanksgiving week, but are back at it again for this Friday. Have a nice Thanksgiving!

Remember, now is the time to book your next year trip. Give me a call!



Alex and bull redfish venice louisianabullred for Alex
good job Alex


Venice Louisiana Fishing Report.

November 12, 2017 

A week ago today we set a record for this year with 81 “BULL” Redfish caught on my boat with three anglers fishing. These fish ranged from 16 to 26 lbs. These guys from Alabama even took some breaks in between fish to get a breather. Previously for this year, back in February, the record was 70 big Redfish with three anglers on the boat. The big roaming Reds have been active. It helped that we had a week of really calm weather to target the fish on the coastline. The Sharks were not hassling us either. For the last couple of days the wind has really picked up, so we are limited on where we can fish, but we caught 18 big Reds yesterday ranging from 16 to 22 lbs. Today the wind is blowing 25 to 30 mph and I am glad I have the day off. We have not had many days off the last couple of months and we are booked almost every day fishing multiple boats until December. Business slows the second half of December due to the holidays, but the fishing is usually good. I think November and December are my favorite months to fish, because of the cooler temperatures and the season change. Once April rolls around I start wishing Summer will come.

Anyway, we can’t have perfect weather every day, so we make the best of what mother nature gives us. That is what it is all about with everything else.

 This is Steve from Colorado. He had a blast catching those bullreds...

Venice Louisiana Fishing Report

November 5, 2017. 

We have been very busy fishing and have not given a report lately, but have been wanting to because the fishing has been good.  The weather has not been very good over the last couple of weeks due to some windy cold fronts, but we have managed to do well fishing anyway. The last couple of days this week have turned calm and made the fishing easy for us. It is the time of year for cold fronts to move through our area here around Venice, and we are used to the weather giving us an extra challenge.

Over the last couple of weeks we have had anglers from Texas, England, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, and more folks from Texas and Florida. All of them said they had a good time and were coming back.

The big BULL Redfish are hitting right now as well as the slot Reds and Speckled Trout. The Mississippi River is green and low and holding fish. I hope that continues till Christmas when the river may be too cold for the fish. I expect the fishing to get even better over the next six weeks, but you never know.

We are busy till Christmas and get back to work the 2nd of January for a five day trip with some folks from California. All good here most of the time, but not all the time.

But now is a good time to book your next year fishing trip. The books are wide open, but we already have a few bookings…just saying…

Venice Louisiana Fishing report.

October 11, 2017. 

Thank you all for your phone calls, emails and texts, we sure do appreciate your concerns .

Well, we got a hurricane. A phantom hurricane. We got the west side of hurricane Nate. Fortunately, not much to the storm, but had to prepare for the worst and it took much energy and time to put everything up and away for a big storm. The wind was worse before the storm got here, but we were catching fish in protected waters. All good , but a big stop in revenue, but you cannot and should not take these low pressure systems lightly. Meanwhile, we are catching the big and slot fish. All good here now. We just have to cowboy up and get down here and get on some good fishing. We have plenty going on till Christmas time due to rebooking but have more opening if you want in on it.

Venice Louisiana Fishing report.

October 4, 2017. 

The wind has really been blowing hard over the last several days, so we have been fishing in the marsh for slot Redfish and whatever else bites. Fortunately, my clients are good with that, because the prime areas to hunt down the “BULL” Redfish are unfishable. Today we caught some nice over the slot Redfish that fought hard, along with slot Reds. When the wind has not been up the last few weeks we have been able to target the big fish and have been successful about half the time. We go out one day and find the big boys and the next struggle to find a few. We have options now that we can fish the low Mississippi River. A couple of cold fronts should move the Specs in the river as well. I think the big Redfish fishing is going to get much more consistent this month as well.

All in all the fishing is pretty good, but I have seen it better. We are super busy in October running two to four boats a day out of the lodge and expect a really good time by all. Hopefully, we won’t have a hurricane hit us. I hope the bad weather leaves us alone forever, or at least till next year.

 Louisiana fishing report.

September 26, 2017 

The fishing around the Venice area has been fair to good and is improving every day. The big bull Redfish fishing can be good one day and tough the next. The big Redfish are moving on and off the coastline, they go offshore in schools and then come along the coastline, so if we run across the schools along the shoreline we get good action. We just have to keep moving until we find them, and the faster we find them the better. The Mississippi River stage has dropped to almost three feet and the river has cleaVenice r, green, salty water and the smaller slot Redfish can be caught in the main river channel. We have been casting along the banks of the Mississippi using crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and plastics under a cork to get strikes by the Reds. The Speckled Trout will be moving in the river in a few weeks if the river does not spike up and we get some cold fronts. Until then, the Specs are in the outside waters and moving closer to the shoreline from their summertime pattern.

Thankfully, we have not had bad conditions from any hurricanes. The weather has been stable for the most part, so we have had a lot of water to fish. I like it when we go straight to where the fish are biting, but it does not work out that all the time for sure. We are trying to do good here at the lodge. Good thing I have good help. Everyone says they have had a good time.


Venice Louisiana Fishing report.

September 3, 2017.


Last Monday, 28 August, was the last time I fished, and up until then we have been catching many Redfish from 15 to 35 lbs. We postponed all our trips after that due to Hurricane Harvey. We had some heavy wind and seas due to Harvey, but the rain was the worst part of it. We got nothing compared to Texas and west Louisiana. We came out unscathed, and I would have been fishing for the last couple days, but I did not have any trips scheduled. I start fishing again tomorrow and for the next four days. I think we are going to crush the big Reds. They are settled along the coast and they should be thick up to the first of the year. Hopefully, they will be feeding and not get the lock jaw and the weather will be calm. Also, I hope the Sharks don’t move in and tear the Reds and our tackle up. Even during the best of times something has the potential to screw up the fishing.

Anyway, we have had folks from Texas, Kentucky, California, and Georgia here staying at the lodge up until and during Harvey fishing three and four days on multiple boats and everyone had a good time. Good thing I have good help. We are so busy I am having to turn people down for having too many at one time. In December things slow down and that is my favorite time of year to fish.

Pictures below are of Curtis and Ron from California.   Check our Facebook page for more pictures and videos.


Curtis and RonDouble whammy redfishing for Curtis and RonBullred for Curtis


Venice Louisiana Fishing Report.

August 21, 2017. 

The “BULL” Redfish fishing is super fantastic excellent great right now. The big Reds have been easy to locate and you can pretty much hook into as many as you want, but almost everyone has been taking some breaks on the boat to get prepared for the next one to fight around the boat.  Life has its challenges though. The Sharks will move into your fishing area and start hitting and force you to move and find the Reds somewhere else. The weather has been stable and allowed us to fish almost anywhere we want. I hope that keeps up.

I left town for two weeks vacation and the Reds thought they were safe to come out. No way.

Venice Louisiana Fishing Report.

July 29, 2017. 

The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans has dropped to about 5.5 feet and the water flow has slowed and the water is clearing up. A low river will help us locate fish easier and give the fish a better attitude.

Over the past couple of weeks we have had many clients at the lodge and the fishing has been good, except for a couple days. The big “BULL” Redfish are around the coastline and are easier to locate using artificial lures. We have accidentally been catching some Speckled Trout as well. We throw the trout in the box, but our primary target is the big Reds. 85% of our clients want the big Reds because they cannot catch them back at home. They can catch the walleye and crappie and other good eating fish that don’t fight.

We have been running two to four boats a day taking folks out from all over the U.S. Kentucky, Texas, Missouri, Illinois , North Louisiana, Alabama, over the last couple of weeks. Nine of the Kentucky guys are coming again next month. Leila gets pissed when I run four boats because it works her hard.  Good thing I have good help.

Anyway, the fishing is good and everyone has been having a good time. Hope the air conditioner doesn’t break down.

Venice Louisiana Fishing Report.

July 14, 2017 

The fishing has been good around the Venice area for the last few weeks. The weather has been relatively stable, so we have been able to move around to different areas to hunt the fish. Most days the slot Redfish have been biting once you find out which patch of canes they like for the day, and Specs are being caught at the platforms with live Shrimp under a sliding cork.  We have had some 40 plus Bull Redfish days, but some days they are spread thin, and we have to work hard to boat 8 or 10 of them. The big Redfish have been inconsistent, but I think the falling Mississippi River will help get them in thick close to shore. The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is at 8.4 feet and will start falling even more next week. I have a lot of clients coming in for the rest of the month ( all Summer really ) that specifically want the biggest Redfish they can hook into, so the big boys need to start showing up whenever I want them to. The Sharks need to go offshore and leave us alone. Anyway, my guys and I have been super busy and as far as I know everyone has been having a really good time. The cloud cover has been keeping us from burning up. Later in the afternoons is when it has been getting hot after we are already in cleaning fish. I say the fish need to be active all the time. It’s good for business.  To see some more pictures, please go to our page on Facebook. Our van and a pic of the Lodge are profile pictures.

Venice Louisiana Fishing report.

June 9, 2017.

 The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans has dropped to about 15.5 feet above sea level and it is supposed to continue to drop slowly for the next month. The river dropping will be a good thing for the “BULL” Redfish fishing, cause the high river has pushed many of the big Redfish offshore where they are more difficult to locate and almost impossible to find when the wind and seas are up , because we can’t get to them. Fortunately, the slot Redfish have been pushed to the outside bays and beaches due to the fresh water off the high Mississippi River and have been fairly easy to locate. Most of my clients have been fine targeting the smaller fish to take home and eat. Over the last few weeks we have had multiple groups of guests here at the lodge from Tennessee and Florida fishing three days and we have been running two and three boats a day. Everyone has been from Florida and Tennessee lately, except Scott from Hawaii and his father in law, Dover, from Georgia.  We have been really busy, and the big Redfish fishing has really been tough, so I am glad my clients have enjoyed catching the small Reds and Specs, and it has been good, especially when the wind lays down. I expect the big Reds to move in thick when the river drops a few more feet and continues to drop. I used to not think the high Mississippi bothered the big Reds, but after last Spring and this Spring I think they are more comfortable offshore, even though we have seen a lot of bait off the bays and beaches. So, we are going after what is biting, small or big, for a while longer.



Just a few Trout (60) that my clients


from Oregon caught yesterday...05/09/2017


 Venice Louisiana Fishing report

May 10 2017 

Well, Everyone fishing with us at the Fish On Lodge has been having a good time, unless they are lying to me. The weather was more stable and allowed us to pick and choose where we want to fish, and that really helps. The big “BULL Redfish have been hitting most of the time, although we have had to move around most days to find them, because they roam around all the time. I have actually had some clients that thought maybe we could catch some Speckled Trout, so I let them in on the secret to success to catch them. Get up early, have your live bait, and then bitch at anyone that comes fishing within a 100 yards of you. The trout bite has been good. Nice 2 to 4 pound fish, we got 60 of them yesterday. Not a big Red, but pretty fish. Here, the last few weeks we have had folks from Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana (I don’t really take out a lot of folks from Louisiana because I am so busy with Bullreds instead of Specs , they like their Specs)) Oregon, and Washington. All these folks fish three or four days with two to three boats with us. We are down here trying to do good. We want a lot of business, just not all at once. We can do it if things line up right.

Give us a call now to book your fall and winter trips.

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 angela and bullred

Venice Louisiana Fishing Report.

April 03 2017.


We have had several groups of anglers from Texas and one group from Massachusetts the last week staying here at the lodge and fishing with us for three days. Most folks that fish with us take advantage of our three day- four night package. I am glad most folks fish multiple days with us because every day we go out is not always that great, especially this time of year when we have a lot of instable weather. We target the big Redfish most of the time, and they tend to be just off the beaches and bays, so when the seas are up we have less places that are fishable. I wish we had a lot of 20 to 40 lb. fish in the river ponds, where the water is protected, but we don’t. Anyway, we had a 70 plus Redfish day last week. These fish went from 14 to 27 pounds. The next day we tried the same area, but it was too rough to fish. We went around the corner from there and caught one the first cast, missed two real quick, then nothing for an hour. 15 gallons of gas later we boated six more Bulls.  We had a couple days we boated 12 to 15 fish, but day before yesterday , after catching our Red Snapper, we boated around 30 big Reds. My clients called the trip at 11:00 a.m. because they were too wore down from three days of Bull Redfishing. The wind was picking up anyway. The fishing has been really up and down for us (most likely everyone else too, but I admit it when I don’t do well).  Superstar pro baseball players only bat around 300, not 1000. I try to put clients on fish with the conditions handed to me. My most experienced fishing clients catch more fish. I like all my clients no matter what skill level they have.

June is when the weather gets more stable, so the fishing gets more stable.  Give me a call if you want to go fishing when it is at its best (hurricane season).




   Barbra and 24 lb redfish

Venice Louisiana Fishing Report.

March 12, 2017. 

We have had fishing clients the last week and a half from Texas, Florida, and two different groups from Minnesota staying at the lodge and fishing multiple days. Everyone wanted to target the big Redfish and everyone caught some big hard fighting Redfish. The weather has been roughing up the seas, so we have had to relocate and fish different areas daily, and in some cases, have had to run long distances during our outings to find some fish that would bite. When the wind is blowing plan “B” can be a long haul. We have a huge area to fish here around the Mississippi Delta, but when the seas are rough we have limited areas to fish. We have to find the fish every day, because the fish are not in one spot waiting for us. March can offer some really good days for fishing, but it can be one of the toughest months to stay on top of the fish due to the unstable weather. Day before yesterday we had a calm day and were able to get out in some open water and caught some nice Red Snapper up to 12 pounds. Snapper are a nice bonus fish, but most days Snapper are not a option. We have plenty of trips on the books, so we are going to have to be tough and deal with the weather. My clients come a long way to get here and they want to fish and it is rare that the conditions are perfect. The fishing guide thing is work for real.


Venice Louisiana Fishing Report

February 22 2017.  

We had Jane and Gerald from New Jersey down for the last few days, among some other nice folks. She caught the biggest Redfish of the year weighing 39 pounds. We have been really busy this month and March looks to be about the most bookings we have had for this time of year that I can remember. As an average, we don’t catch as many fish this time of year due to weather conditions, but there is no better time to catch a whopper Redfish. We just have to be tougher this time of year and keep trying to find the fish, because the weather is forcing us to change locations so much. Come down and get in on the fishing action.






Venice Louisiana fishing report

January 14 2017 

I had the pleasure of fishing with Darren, Judd, and Don from Venice, Florida this last Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. They originally were supposed to come fish last Fall but we decided to postpone fishing due to bad weather. We had descent weather this week, except for foggy conditions early on each day. We caught some really nice big Redfish, which is exactly what we were targeting, but we did not find many biting. We caught only nine “Bull” Redfish over a three day stretch. We had two just over twenty-six pounds, and some others over twenty. The bite was just lousy. We had some really low tides and a full Moon. I would guess the fish did not like the conditions. These guys fished really hard the whole time. They did not take breaks. They fish a lot at home, but cannot find big Redfish back around Venice, Florida. This week each of these guys caught the biggest Redfish they had ever caught, so they were happy about that. I sure do wish we would have had some solid fishing action while they were here. They said they wanted to come back this Summer to give it another shot. We can have some really productive days for the big Redfish in the Winter (just last week we did good), but June into November has more stable weather, which gives you more areas to try for fishing. I get asked a lot, “When is the best time to come fish for the big Redfish?”. There is no honest answer to that question as far as I am concerned. We catch more during the Summer and Fall, but we catch some really big fish during the cold, nasty weather, but usually not as many.

It’s almost noon here in Boothville, and the ships are still blowing their fog horns. The whole neighborhood has been fogged in today and yesterday morning. Fog horns all through the night. I have been hearing the Duck hunters shooting on the other side of the Mississippi River, and I can’t imagine how those hunters see the Ducks in the Fog. I bet they end up killing plenty of Black Birds. Anyway, Capt. Pete is taking my clients fishing this week, because I have to have my boat worked on. He will probably do better than me anyway. We are usually not too busy this time of year, but we have a lot on the books for this month and February. Hopefully, we can put everyone on some of these big Redfish and they won’t get lock jaw.


Fishing with the Quinn family was a blast. Great people that appreciate the outdoors and our area...

Not bad for a half day for the Quinn family!


33 lbs bull Redfish caught by Phil in Venice Louisiana


 29 lbs bull redfish for Rob Sr in Venice Louisiana.

  26 lbs bull redfish for Beth

Venice Louisiana Fishing Reports.

January 7 2017 

We had a good week of fishing, especially this last Thursday down river of Venice. Capt. Pete and myself took out the Quinn family fishing for the big Redfish and caught a good number of them that weighed up to 33 lbs. Beth, Philip, Sam, Rob Jr., and Rob Sr. had a great time duck hunting and Redfishing to start off the new year. Take a look at some of pictures of some big Reds that force you to get out of your seat to fight them.

Glad they decided to start the new year with us!


 Redfishing in Venice Louisiana brings friends together


Mark with Hunting in the sticks and Jimmy with 811 happy anglers


Venice Louisiana Fishing Report.

January 4, 2017. 

First of all, we want to wish you all, our readers and customers, a healthy, happy and prosperous new year!

It has been a while since I have given a fishing report for the Venice area, but that does not mean we have not been catching fish. Before Christmas the fishing was pretty good. December was fairly busy for us at the fish on lodge. We had some corporate groups fishing with us, as well as some tv show guys and just regular good folks  who have known each other for years. They all came down for some of our big “BULL” Redfish action and we were able to deliver. We have had some days where the weather has been difficult as far as the rain, wind, and fog, so we have had to move around to different areas, but we have been finding the fish. Winter can be more difficult to fish than the rest of the year, but we catch some big Redfish during this time. We just have to be tougher this time of year. Overall, 2016 was a tougher year for fishing. Our best day for the big Redfish was 65 boated, and we had many days in the 35 to 50 fish boated, but we had some days we struggled to boat 10 fish. I don’t think it’s a long term thing, and I am confident that 2017 will be productive.

In December we had the “Hunting in the Sticks” guys fishing with us. Mark Stowe hosts the show. It is on the Pursuit channel. In this case we were “Hunting the big Redfish near the canes Sticks”. We had three solid days of fishing while they were down filming. The first two days it took half the day to find the fish, but we hit pay dirt with some big Redfish. On the third day we found the fish early with good action. We left the fish biting. We were fishing with windy and foggy conditions a majority of the time, so we had to change locations every day, which is normal. I only wish we could go to the “sure thing” spot every day, but Mother Nature throws different conditions at us all the time and these Redfish move around. These big Reds just don’t need structure, so they are on the move, which forces us to move and hunt them down. Some days are easier than others just like any other occupation.

2016 was a very busy year for us, and I really looked forward to the days I had off to regroup. I am thankful to be busy, but everyone needs a slow down. I am thankful for my other captain friends for giving me some great help on multiple boat trips. Today, my clients are Duck hunting with a fellow guide and we are going after the big Redfish tomorrow. The conditions look good for fishing tomorrow, so we are going to see how it goes. May you have a great 2017.



Venice Louisiana Fishing report

. Terry and 36 lb Bullred in Venice Louisiana

December 1, 2016.


The big Redfish fishing around the Venice area has been as good as it has been all year the last three weeks or so. We have had to move around to different areas to fish due to the changing wind direction, but the 15 to 36 lb. Redfish have been in different locations for us to find. For once, I have been off for the week of Thanksgiving, so I have not fished for a week, and enjoyed the time off the water to do chores mostly. I was supposed to be out today, tomorrow and the next day with some clients from south Florida, but the forecast called for really severe weather so we decided to postpone the three day fishing trip until January. So far, that was a bad move, because today is fishable. Tomorrow is supposed to be real nasty. Maybe the fish are not biting today.  Who knows.  About half the time when I cancel due to weather it’s the wrong decision, so I try to stick to the schedule.

December was supposed to be less charters for me, but that has changed. I have gotten calls from folks wanting to go fishing. That is good, because November and December are probably my favorite months to fish. Not that the Bull Redfishing is any better, but a cooler time to fish. The Mississippi River is usually low this time of year, so the water is generally clearer and we can see the non hooked Redfish swim up to the boat in schools. The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is around 2.5 ft., so that is what we would expect this time of year. When it comes to fishing, I always expect the unexpected. We never know how the course of a day will go. We hope it is fun, safe, and successful. The Winter fishing can be really good in this area, so if you want in on it just contact us. Have a good one.

If you want to book an offshore trip let me know. I can set you up with one of

our  Venice Louisiana Tuna Fishing Guides or give you his info.




  Mark and a 23 Lb redfish


 Steve and a 26 lb Bullred

Venice Louisiana Fishing Report.

November 3rd 2016. 

The “BULL” Redfish fishing has been great the last couple of days here around Venice. We have had multiple boats out of the lodge and I took out the Schmitt brothers on my boat. Steve Schmitt set the trip up and has been out with me before. This time he brought his brothers, Mark and Don with him. Mark and Don had never caught a Redfish. They have now. We boated about a 100 or more the last two days with Steve boating 28 himself today. All the Reds were 14 to 26 lbs. The fish were so thick today that they were destroying our cork rigs. Too many Redfish in one area. Luckily, they thinned out some throughout the day to where it was manageable to fish. I expect the same action tomorrow, and hope the strong winds tomorrow night don’t make it too tough on us. Later.


Venice Louisiana Fishing Report.                                                                    Double catch for Libby and Forrest from Texas

November 1st  2016                                                                                                                           

 The big Redfish fishing here in the Venice area has gotten back to normal as far as the numbers of fish we have been catching the last couple of weeks. 25 to 50 fish a day is the average. You never know how tomorrow will go, but my confidence level is high. We have had folks from Missouri, Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Alabama and other places fishing the last couple of weeks with us. Seems everyone has had a good time out on the water and comfortable at the lodge. It has just been easy to find the fish, which is what we want. The last week has been windy out of the East, so, fortunately, we have been catching most of our Redfish on the West side of the Mississippi River where the five foot seas have not bothered us. The river has still not cleared up. It still is fluctuating between 4 and five feet and is murky, but it is probably on the verge of turning a clear green color. I think the fishing is just going to get better through the rest of the year, so come on down if you have time.


 Gary and his 34


lbs bull redfish in Venice Louisiana.

Venice Louisiana Fishing Report.

October 13 2016.


I took Gary Myers, his son, Doug and their friend Bruce out today for some “BULL” Redfish fishing down river from Venice. Gary has come down the last few years with his friends fishing with me for three days at a time and staying here at the lodge. We did pretty good today boating 31 BULL Redfish and four slot Reds. Doug and Bruce were tied with the biggest Redfish at 24 pounds until Gary boated a 34 pounder. 34 pounds is a big Red. Gary’s biggest ever. Today was Bruce’s and Doug’s first day of Redfishing ever. They had to work for the fish because it was windy and almost rough in the protected area we were at. The Redfish liked the gold spinnerbaits we had . We have two more days to fish with these guys from Missouri, and we hope it goes well.

The Redfish fishing in general has been more difficult lately, and down for the year for sure. I don’t really know why this year has been tougher fishing. It’s been a weird year weather wise. The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is just below five feet and it just does not want to fall and clear up. We are used to a clear Mississippi River this time of year, so I hope it does fall the next couple weeks. We have a lot of days booked through December and I am confident the fishing will improve a great deal. 


Venice Louisiana Fishing Report.


We had a vacation to Washington State planned for a week and a half for late August to early September, but we cancelled due to our other house in Port Vincent flooding out six feet. We ended up gutting the house out for vacation. We lost just about everything in the house, but at least we had flood insurance on the structure of the house. I am glad it all happened when I had time off from work, so as to deal with it.

Talking to my guide friends the fishing has been really good around the Venice area for the last couple of weeks, although the last couple of days has been a tough bite. No reason why it should be a tough bite for the big Redfish, because the weather seemed to be good as far as I am concerned, but I am not a fish. Everyone has had a good time anyway, because we have caught some really nice fish, just had to work hard for few of them. Tomorrow is a different day and the fish are due to feed. We have a lot of bookings from now till mid December, but if you want to get in on the fishing action give me a call and we will make it happen. Have a great day.

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Venice Louisiana Fishing Report.

August 11, 2016.


I have had a few days off and was supposed to fish today and tomorrow, but the weather looked really bad, so I postponed my fishing trips. You never know what the weather is going to do. The weather forecast people know more than most of us, but they are wrong half the time, so I don’t cancel many trips, but this week looked really bad and it is. Rain and wind. We have had a lot of rain lately in the form of pop up thunderstorms, but it has not been widespread storms. I have not been able to cut my lawn because it has not been able to dry out, but we have been catching a lot of fish over the last week. We have had to dodge some storms, but we have caught a lot of big Redfish from 15 to 30 pounds. The bite has been particularly good early in the morning until around eleven in the morning. The good bite time certainly changes on a daily basis. Due to the pop up storms, we have had cloud cover to keep us cooler instead of hotter. The fishing is good now. We just need to get out on the water and see what mother nature is going to give us for the day and make it happen. Every day is different. Results vary. We just have to give it our best effort to have a successful fishing trip and be safe about it.

 Venice Louisiana Fishing Report.

August 02 2016.

The “BULL” Redfish bite continues to be really good around the outside of the passes of the Mississippi River around the Venice area. Over the last couple of weeks we have been on the water chasing the 15-35 lb. Reds. Most of our clients have all been from Texas, except for one group from Alabama. All really nice people that can catch small fish where they are from and decided to come here and catch the big Redfish. I am really glad the big Redfish bite has gotten back to normal. The fish, at times, are literally fighting each other over the lure we throw to them. When we hook one and get them next to the boat, sometimes there is a couple more next to the hooked one going for the lure. We have not had the Sharks move in on us much while fishing. I hope that continues. The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is under five feet, so the smaller Redfish should be easier to locate and the water is trying to clear up. Things are really coming together and everyone is having fun.

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Venice Louisiana Fishing report.

July 18, 2016.


The big Redfish fishing has really picked up this last week here around the Venice area. For the last seven days we have been boating 30 to 50 Redfish weighing 15 to 33 pounds. We have had stable weather and the Sharks have quit harassing us so much, although we did lose some big Reds to the Sharks. I am really glad things are getting back to normal as far as the Redfish bite. I think the Mississippi River stage dropped after being high for so long and the Bull Redfish came in from the deep. Most of the time it does not matter how high the river is, but this year it was higher for way longer so the Reds moved out.

Everyone has enjoyed staying at the lodge and said the food was great. When the fish bite good everything seems to work out, so the fish need to be happy and keep biting good. Unless we get some really nasty weather we should be able to stay on top of the fish, so come on down and get in on the action.

Venice Louisiana fishing report.

July 6, 2016 


Finally, The Bull Redfish fishing has turned on to our normal standards here around the Venice area. Finally, we are boating 40 to 50 big Reds per trip without being surprised about it. The only thing I can complain about now is when the sharks move in on us and the weather. Usually, the high Mississippi River in the Spring does not bother my fishing, but this year the river was high all Winter and that pushed my Bull Redfish offshore. The Mississippi River stayed up around 11 to 12 feet for much longer than usual and the big Redfish got tired of it and went offshore where they are difficult to target. Now, the river has dropped to around five feet in New Orleans and continues to drop, so the big Reds have moved back to the coast line where I hang out.  Fishing has been so tough I was going after Speckled Trout with live Shrimp and having success at it north of here. Boy, glad I don’t have to fall back on that anymore. Most of the people I take out want something to pull on the line. They want to be sportsman and fake out the fish with a lure. You have to do what you have to do, but live bait is for commercial type fisherman. I sure am glad my job has gotten “funner” and easier due to the Redfish behaving right.


Venice Louisiana Fishing Report.

 June 15 2016 

Since the beginning of June the weather in south Louisiana has gotten more stable,  which has let us fisherman fish more areas due to calmer seas. Calm seas really help out because the fish are not everywhere and they don’t always bite if they are there. Pop up thunder storms are typical this time of year and we have had our share of them. We have had some good days with the “BULL” Redfish action, but in general the fishing is still slower than what we are used to. I believe the fishing is slower this year because the Mississippi River has been high since December. Usually, the river is low in the Winter and does not rise till April or May. I think the majority of the big Redfish are offshore in the saltier water, because they got tired of the fresh water. Normally, I don’t care what the river stage is and I don’t think the Reds do, but the Mississippi has been abnormally high for too long. At least, that is what I think. Fortunately, we have had some nice fish boated. I am glad most of my clients fish multiple days just in case we do have a real tough day. Over half of our clients have fished with us before, so they know what it is like to catch 40 plus Redfish that average over 20 lbs. I wish I could make it happen everyday. The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is below 10 feet and is falling hard. I think this is going to help us out in a big way this year. I think the fishing is going to get much more consistant. More fish caught is better for business.

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 Venice Louisiana Fishing Report

May 19, 2016 

Hello, we have been out on the water almost every day here around the Venice area going after the Redfish and Speckled Trout. We have had to change our fishing locations almost every day due to the wind churning up the water and choppy seas, along with the muddy Mississippi River water. We have been catching fish in some muddy water, but when we find clearer water we get a better bite. The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is right around 12 feet and just does not want to fall. If the wind would settle down the tides would clear up the water and give us a lot more areas to fish. I think the weather is fixing to get more stable, so the fishing action should improve to the level we are used to. The last couple of weeks we have had clients from Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, and the guys from California just left to go home this morning. We had a great day on the Bull Redfish yesterday. We were seeing schools of the big Reds yesterday. It’s really cool to see that, but the problem with that is they tear up your tackle when there is that many fish going after your lure. The Californians had to take breaks due to the fast action. That is how it is supposed to be like most every day. It most likely will be that way, soon. If finding the fish was always easy anyone could do it. I admit, I wish it was easy more often. Everyone has been having a good time and taking fish home, but I think the fishing is fixing to get really good.


Venice Louisiana Fishing report

May 6, 2016. 

Hello, we have been out on the water fishing just about every day and we have been catching some nice fish, but some days have been challenging due to the windy weather and high Mississippi River. The Mississippi River stage has been fairly steady at 11 feet in New Orleans, but it is predicted to slowly start falling and hopefully clear up. We are used to a high river this time of year, and have learned to deal with it, because the fish are still here. The wind is just hard to deal with at times, because it eliminates so many good areas to fish, but May is here and things should start calming down and making my job easier.

Over the last few weeks I have taken out clients from Texas, Indiana, Oregon, Arizona, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Washington State. Half of them have fished with us before, and it has been great, but we have had to work hard most of the time and burn some fuel to find some biting fish. We have mostly targeted the big “BULL” Redfish up to 38 lbs., but we have also targeted Speckled Trout. When my clients want trout, then it is a good idea to go to the live bait place and buy some live Shrimp. It is more challenging to use artificial lures to catch Specs, but live Shrimp is more reliable, especially if we have kids or inexperienced anglers.

The fishing is getting better and better here around the Venice area as the year progresses, especially the Speckled Trout bite, and the big Redfish are roaming around killing and eating. The weather just needs to be tough only on my days off, which are not many J…


Jared and a 35 lbs bullredJared and a 35 lbs Bullred in venice Louisiana


Venice Louisiana Fishing report.

April 21, 2016

 The wind down here in Venice, Louisiana is finally giving us a break and is settling down. That means we have more places to fish and gives us a chance to find more fish. We need less wind badly, especially after last week when a group of guys came down and two out of three days were bad. I actually canceled the third day due to bad weather. This week has been pretty good. We had Bart and Jared from Texas here at the lodge for a couple of days. The first day we targeted some Speckled Trout and that worked out. We almost had the ice chest full of Specks. The next day they wanted to go after the big Bull Redfish. I took a chance on picking a location where I thought some of the big boys were. I knew if they were not there it would be a long way for plan “B” because the seas were still rough around the corner. Fortunately, the big Redfish were around swimming in the muddy water. We caught about fifteen big Reds from 20 to 35 lbs. The largest was 35lbs. These guys had a great time. I wish every trip was great, but they aren’t. I wish I had been able to put Jim, Bob, and Gordon on the fish last week like I am accustomed to doing, but the weather can sometimes throw a monkey wrench in our plans. We just can’t totally trust what the weather people predict and I can’t work miracles. I hope they will come back and give it another try.

The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is steady at around 11.5 ft., so if the wind lies down we will be in good shape for the rest of April and May and June look good. If you want to have a chance at catching some nice fish give me a call and pick some dates out.


Beautiful Redfish for Lee or Tom!Beautiful Redfish for Lee or Tom! 




Venice Louisiana Fishing Report.

April 15, 2016


We have been busy fishing since the beginning of April running two to three boats a day. Our fishing guests have been from various states like Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee, Florida, South Dakota and Georgia. All these folks have a lot of fishing experience when it comes to Walleye, Small Mouth Bass, and Northern Pike, but not Bull Redfish. Even the guys from Florida had not caught many Redfish more than 10 pounds. So, they all loaded up their trucks and headed down here to where the big Reds live all the time. The only problem is that sometimes the Reds don’t bite good and the weather can be terrible. The weather this April has really made my job difficult. The wind has been strong and that usually brings thunderstorms. We have been limited in our fishing areas due to the high seas rolling in. The good thing is that we have caught some really nice big Redfish this month, but we have not caught big numbers of them like I want to and what I am used to. Everyone has had a good time and seemed very satisfied, even excited. They just don’t know how good it can really get at times, even most of the time. In March and April we just have to work harder for the fish due to the tougher unstable conditions. The fish are here, but we can’t always get to them.

Last week we had a calm seas morning and the guys from Ohio wanted to target Speckled Trout, so we bought some live Shrimp. We caught 35 nice Specks between two boats that weighed 2 to 3 pounds along with 32 Sheepsheads. We were on them for almost two hours until the wind kicked up and ruined it. Point is, the Specks are around if you’re a live bait person. I had a spare rod with soft plastic rigged and we caught some trout on that as well when I was re-rigging the live bait break offs.

April is not the best time to fish, but you can have some good days and have a good time. You just need to stay tough and work at it.



Venice Louisiana Fishing Report.
March 21, 2016

Last week I took out Ray and Mark from Montana out fishing for some big Redfish action. Ray fly fishes back at home, so I told him fishing with me for Redfish weighing between 15 to 40lbs. on artificial lures would be way different than what he was used to. “That’s why we are here” he told me. We headed down the Mississippi River to an area that was fishable with no big waves coming in on us. As always, we needed to try to find the first fish to bite. About twenty minutes of casting Mark hooked a big Red. Eight or ten minutes later we boated a twenty-six lb. “BULL” Redfish. Mark never caught a Redfish, so he was really charged up. We fished for another hour in that area without a bite. You don’t want to give up on an area too soon, because even though we have a big area to fish, it shrinks a bunch when the wind is up. If the fish don’t give away that they are around (which is most of the time ), then you just have to keep casting until you stumble on them. I decided to run a few miles to the other side of the bay to see what the conditions were like there. I had not fished this area in six months. We got to the point of the bay where it met the gulf and big rolling waves were crashing the outside beach, so we turned back into the bay and started drift fishing just off the cane lined bank. A few casts later I hooked something that was pulling out line and I handed my rod to Ray. Ray fought the fish around the boat. This Red showed how fast a Red could swim. We boated his 22lb. Red. Ray had recently had a shoulder replacement, so he said he was done for the day. I anchored down and Mark started hooking big and medium size Redfish on every cast, boating about half of them. We kept three Redfish that were smaller but just over slot, and headed back in. They had had enough, but they also had a schedule to keep. I told them a good way to grill the Reds as we were cleaning them. They text me the next day telling me the fish were great on the grill and that they wanted to come back down. I was busy the first half of March, but I don’t have much going on until April. I have many days on the water in April, and I hope the weather is not too bad. Weather is always something we have to consider when we choose an area to fish, no matter how well we did yesterday.


 Tim and 32 lbs bullredTim and 32 lbs Bullred

Venice Louisiana Fishing Report.

March 12, 2016. 

With all the rain and flash flooding in Louisiana the last few days the Mississippi River will be rising, yet again. The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is currently at 13.1 ft. today and is forecasted to be at 13.5 ft. in five more days. Fortunately, most of the local flooding in southeast Louisiana does not dump in the Mississippi River. What does all this high river mean as far as fishing? I really don’t know. We might as well get used to it. I am used to it. The Spring rise in the river could happen any day as well. The current in the river is faster. I don’t like the trees and trash floating in the rising river, especially if it’s foggy. It’s rare we get the perfect conditions to go fishing around the Venice area anyway. It really comes down to if the fish want to bite or not. Will the fish be happy or not .

The fact is the big, bad ass, powerful, mighty “BULL” Redfish really don’t care about the high river. They are not happy all the time, but you can get them mad at a fishing lure most of the time. They like roaming the waters off the passes of the biggest river in the United States. What I don’t like is the wind, because it gives me less places to target the big Reds. If they are not happy where I am fishing I like to move elsewhere. Windy days make moving tricky. I guess I could really challenge myself and sharpen my skills by buying some live Shrimp and go where all the boats are piled up and fish for 15 inch Speckled Trout. Na. I would like to hook a 15 inch Speck in the back and throw him out and have my rod about pulled out of my hand by a big killer Redfish. The big Redfish are just so much fun to fight, and if they are under twenty pounds they are good on the grill.

Last week I took out Tim and Sherry from Indiana for two days of Redfishing in tough conditions. They caught nine the first day and five the next day. Several  Reds were over thirty pounds. I told them the fishing was tough. They told me it was one of the best fishing trips they had ever been on. I took out Pete from Utah last Monday. He flew in for one day of fishing. He is a pilot and gets free airplane rides. He caught eight big Redfish. I told him the fishing was tough. He said he had a great time and that this type of fishing could be addictive.  To me, this time of year, 15 to 20 big Redfish is a solid day. Not a good day, but solid. Check the picture out.




Lowell and a 34 lbs BullredThis 34 lbs Bullred will be mounted as a replica on Lowell's wall
Good job Lowell, this bullred's replica will look good on your wall

Venice Louisiana Fishing Report.

March 10 2016. 

It’s been very windy this week here around the Venice area, and today heavy rain is moving in as well. I was supposed to take some folks out today and tomorrow, but postponed the fishing trips until later in April. Sometimes, it’s a mistake to cancel trips because of weather because the weather people are wrong, but this time they were right. It’s the time of year when the fishing can be extra difficult due to the unstable weather as far as the wind, lightning storms, and thick fog, but we have been catching some nice huge Redfish. Not big numbers of Redfish, but some nice 25 to 35lb. Reds using artificial lures in some murky muddy water.

In late February I took out some guys from South Dakota. Lowell, who came down in January and fished with me for Bull Redfish, set the trip up. He had a good time, so he came down again with a different crew. Three out of four days we did good on the Reds. We sat out one day due to weather. They also had a good day offshore with the Tuna and Wahoo. They caught three Tuna over a 100 lbs. Fortunately, they had some flexibility in their schedule and stayed a couple of extra days due to bad weather. Since then I have taken out some anglers from Texas, Indiana, and Utah. I will get to them on another report. Check the pictures out.

February 8, 2016 report

We have not been out fishing a great deal since the new year started, but we never are very busy during Christmas and January. Not a lot of folks want to fish in the middle of Winter, but it can be very productive at times. It can also be very unproductive. The weather ( the wind )can really make it difficult to find places to fish, and when you do know areas to fish out of the wind and waves you hope the Redfish bite. Between the cold fronts, when things settle down, the fishing can be great at times. After all, the fish have to feed sometimes.

A couple of weeks ago I took out two young guys from New York City. Jacob and Dez wanted some Big Redfish action. I had not fished for a couple weeks before we went out, because I was on vacation in the Florida Keys. No matter, I just kept an eye on the weather a few days ahead of our trip and knew a likely area to try with the conditions we had. We ended up on a beach near the mouth of a pass off the Mississippi River and anchored down. We cast out are lures and it was on immediately. The first Redfish was 26 pounds. Jacob caught it. We caught some more, then Dez caught the biggest of the day at 33 pounds. After a while the bite slowed, so we stopped at a point a few hundred yards away and found the Redfish again. We ended up with 26 Redfish released. All of them lived and swam away. We missed about 15 more. It was a good bite that day.

Last week I had two older fellows from Pennsylvania down to lodge for three days of fishing. Tony and Bill. Super nice guys. Plenty of fishing experience. The first day was calm, but foggy as can be. We caught 9 Bull Redfish and made it back in alive through the fog. The second day we went further down river with no fog, but windy. We boated three big Redfish early and that was it. The third day it was super windy and we did not boat any fish. Not even a bite. I hate those days. I am glad that doesn’t happen often. They said they enjoyed the whole “shooting match”. They said they would be back. They know how it goes sometimes. These guys had all kinds of stories to tell about their military days. I really enjoyed hanging out with them.

Anyway, that’s what is going on with us. I start getting busy fishing again later this month. I sure hope the weather is not windy, not foggy, the fish are biting and everything is great and easy.

January 12 2016 report.


Once upon a time, two brothers from South Dakota named Lowell and Leon came down to a far and out of the way place, so a big fish would open up a can of woop ass on a artificial lure, as opposed to catching their regular old Walleye like back at home. So, they called me, Capt. Shawn, to catch “BULL” Redfish off the passes of the Mississippi River, the best place in the world to target these line stripping fish. Now, Capt. Shawn does not get many people from Louisiana calling him for big Redfish, because most of them want to catch Speckled Sea Trout on live Shrimp so they can fry them up. Well, that’s fine, but if you Crappie fish then you are trout fishing. For any fisherman, way back in the corner of your mind, you know you want a big fish to hit, that’s challenging to get in the net. Besides, a Redfish under twenty pounds is really good on the grill.

Anyway, high river or not, we punished the big Redfish this last week with not so great conditions. Two out of our three days fishing were good days with plenty of action. These guys found out that you can’t just sit down and fight these fish, because they are darting around in all directions until you tire them out. Lowell and Leon were tired out as well. When we got back to the lodge in the afternoon they went down to the bar for a few drinks before coming back and joining me for a few before supper. In bed for eight we all were. They said it was a blast and they are coming back. These guys surely were a good time. I could tell they had a good time too!





December 21, 2015 Report.


The second week of December we had three guys down from Missouri at the Fish On Lodge for three days of fishing. Mike, Dan, and Gary had such a good time hooking up with the “BULL” Redfish last year that they came again this year. Again, I was fishing with some retired guys that had a lot more diverse fishing experience than me. They have fished all over the place. They have caught Northern Pike, Muskie, Walleye, Small mouth Bass, and you name it. I just hang out around the passes of the Mississippi River in my bay boat and target mostly Big Redfish with artificial lures in muddy water. Itis a big world out there and I am in my little corner of it. My little area of the world has the best “BULL” Redfishing than anywhere else though. Its always interesting talking to my clients about their fishing adventures elsewhere. In the three days we fished we averaged 20-25 Big Redfish per day. That’s average fishing, but not really what I call good fishing. These guys worked hard for Redfish strikes, and it paid off. We kept our one oversized Redfish per angler per day and released the rest. They brought vacuum seal bags with them, so we bagged the fish for them to take home for the grill. I hope to see them next year.

Bullreds for Gary and RichBull Redfish for Gary and Rich


December 19, 2015 report.

It has been a while since I have given a report on my fishing around the Venice, Louisiana area, because I have been really busy fishing. The first few days of December I had Gary and Rich from California staying at the lodge and fishing with me. Here again, I had some retired guys fishing with me who have a lot more experience fishing different areas of the country and fishing techniques than me. They have fished Alaska and the Northwest and you name it. I just hang around down here Redfishing. They really did not come down here to catch a 17” Trout or a 17” Redfish. The main attraction, as usual with me, was to target the big “BULL REDFISH”. The passes off the Mississippi River are the best place in the world to consistently catch these 15 to 35 lb. (or bigger) Redfish. After three days of catching and releasing these strong-fast fish these guys were pretty worn out. They said they had a good time fishing and that the food at the lodge was good. They took some Redfish back on the airplane to grill back in California.



November 30th 2015 report

Colby and bull redfishColby and bull redfish in Venice Louisiana

The big “BULL” Redfishing has been pretty good for the last week, with the biggest one weighing in at 33 lbs. I have had folks fromTexas and Illinois fishing with me this last week and they are not used to the hard fighting these Redfish will give you. They are fast too. These folks also liked the fact that they had control of triggering the fish to strike by using artificial lures. No live bait (no commercial fishing ). I figure the success of a trip with me is a third on me ( the guide ), a third on my crew ( my clients ), and a third on the fish ( the environment for the day ). Things need to come together from different angles and line up. If one of my clients shows up and does not know how to operate a rod and reel I will help them the best I can and teach them to catch fish.

Anyway, we are busy here at the lodge until the middle of December, and all we can do is go out in the waters around Venice and see what we can come up with. I bet we find some of those hard fighting Redfish.





November 18 2015 report.

The big Redfish fishing has been solid for the last couple of weeks, especially when the wind is not blowing hard. I have had some hard core fisherman out with me here lately from different parts of the country that fish for Small Mouth Bass, Walleye, Striped Bass, and Pike. The fish we do not have here in Louisiana. They all came down here to Venice to go after these big, fast, strong Redfish. These folks I have had down the last couple weeks are from Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, California, Nevada, Washington State, and North Carolina. They really have a good time catching these big Redfish. Its different. They all said they are coming back down again.
The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is at 4.5 ft and is supposed to hold steady for another week, but with all the rain last night and today it will probably rise again. A rise in the river muddies it up, but that does not bother my Bull Redfishing. The wind does, because it eliminates some areas to try fishing for the Reds. It is getting close to the time of year that fishing is more difficult because of the wind and fog, but there is still going to be some very productive days out fishing. Winter fishing can be really good here around Venice, and some of the heaviest Redfish are caught during the Winter months. We just have to get out on the water and give it our best shot.



Paul's latest catch.


October 27, 2015 report.

Besides the big wind blow from the remains of hurricane Patricia yesterday and the day before, the Bull Redfishing has been pretty good lately. I cancelled one group of folks coming from Missouri that would have been fishing three days starting yesterday and that was a mistake. Yesterday would have been difficult with 40mph winds, but today we did well on the 20 plus lb. Reds with another group that did not want to cancel for anything. The last week or so I have had anglers from Missouri, Alabama, Wisconsin, and Texas and have had consistent catches. We have been concentrating our efforts on the big Redfish using artificial lures, but have tried for some slot Redfish in the Mississippi River and have not done to good on them. 95% of my clients want to battle the big Redfish. They can catch small fish at home, whether that be walleye, Crappie, Small Mouth Bass, or whatever. Venice, Louisiana is the best place in the world to target 20 plus pound Red Drum-period. These Reds are hard on my equipment, but that is ok. I encourage anyone from up North that likes to fish to come down here in the Winter months and get in on the big Redfish action.



October 16 2015 report.

We have had some good folks from South Carolina fishing and staying with us the last few days, and the big Redfish have cooperated with us. Yesterday, we boated 101 Redfish weighing between 16 To 28 lbs. That is a record for my boat. I have had more than a hundred fish boated before, but not BULL Redfish. It was on for sure. Today, we boated 60 Bull Reds in choppy water. We go out again tomorrow and we most probably won’t be able to go to the same area due to strong Northeast winds, but we have other areas that are holding the big Redfish.


It’s a great time of year to come down to Venice, Louisiana and go fishing. The weather is getting cooler and more comfortable as the fall months set in. Sometimes, it gets windy, but that does not mean you can’t have a great fishing trip. The weather will never be perfect for any planned in advance fishing trip. You just have to pick some days to fish and hope for the best. Try your best.


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October 12, 2015 report.


We have had a big time come back from our fishing production slump for the big “BULL” Redfish here in Venice. We have had numerous days that we have boated eighty plus Reds averaging over twenty pounds. Other days we have been boating fifty or more big Redfish. The wind has settled and when it has blown it has been coming from a favorable direction. We have found the fish near schools of baitfish in open water off of the surrounding cane points that make up the Mississippi River Delta. I have not been targeting the Speckled Trout because I have been going after the big fish, but I have spoken to some anglers that have caught some. The Specks are not thick yet, but I think after a few more cold fronts they will be thick in the river. Live Shrimp is the easy way to target the Specks if you like to fish with live bait, but artificial lures will work if you like to challenge yourself. The fishing should be just as good in November and December as it is now, and we still have some open dates during that time. The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is around four feet in New Orleans and the water is clear. I would like it to be around two feet, but I don’t want the mid west to have a drought either. Hopefully, if the wind blows it will come from a favorable direction. Have a good day!



Angela and her very first redfish in venice louisiana

September 28, 2015 report.


After an incredibly productive Summer catching many “BULL” Redfish, The last week and a half has been really slow fishing for me. The fish have just not been biting well for me or anyone I have spoken with for the last two weeks. I am sure someone did good somewhere. The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans has dropped to around 4 ft. and Fall is here with the shorter days, so it is a transition month. We have also had much wind, which has eliminated some really hot areas to fish for the big Reds, but we are used to fishing in areas we have not been around for a few weeks. We typically find the fish in these situations.

I postponed my trips for yesterday through tomorrow because of the weather, but the forecast was for the most part wrong. The wind laid today, although the seas are still heavy. The fishing should turn on any day now. This kind of thing happens every now and then. I just don’t like it happening to me. It’s bad for business. Fortunately, everyone I have been out with lately has been out with me before when it was all good. I will give another report soon to give the good news about the great fish bite from the twenty plus pound Redfish. Have a nice day, whether the fish are biting or not.







September 16, 2015 report.Kyle and the boys redfishing in Venice LouisianaKyle and the boys redfishing in Venice Louisiana




The big “BULL” Redfishing continues to be outstanding here in the waters around Venice, Louisiana. The action has been so good that the big Reds are fighting over our lures and tearing up the tackle. It is a lot of extra work on me, but that is ok, I am prepared. The Mississippi River stage has dropped to under three feet in New Orleans, so the water has cleared up considerably, which means you can see the Redfish trailing the hooked one. It has been exciting fishing.


On my latest trip I had Kyle from Destin, Florida and his friend, Keith from Texas, along with his son, Cole. We boated 66 Redfish weighing 15 to 29 lbs. Most were over 20 lbs. They said it was unreal how many big Redfish we had here around the passes off the Mississippi River. Keith said it was his best trip ever as far as hunting or fishing.


If the winds don’t pick up we should have an easy time finding these schools of big Redfish. Even with windy conditions we should do well. Give me a call to book your Fall or Winter fishing trip.






bullreds in venice LAbullreds in Venice Louisiana


August 30, 2015 Report.


The “BULL” Redfish have been on fire for the last couple of weeks off the passes of the Mississippi River around the Venice area for the last couple of weeks. These Redfish have been in different areas, and , fortunately the winds have not been strong, so we have been able to move around in case the sharks move in on us. Much of the time, cloud cover has been keeping us from burning up in the hot August Sun. You never know when the best time of the year to come down here fishing is, but this August has been the best Redfish bite of the year so far. The Redfish have been so thick that they take our lure under the cork and while you are fighting the hooked fish, another one hits the cork under water and busts the tackle up. Sometimes, when we get a fish next to the boat to net, another one or two Reds are next to it trying to take the lure. That happens a lot during the year, but the muddy water prevents us from seeing it. Now that the Mississippi River stage is below five feet in New Orleans, We will see the fish more often due to the water being much clearer. Its getting the time of year many anglers consider the best time to fish as far as the river being low. The “BULL” Redfish fishing should continue to be really good, and the slot Redfish should be easier to find as well. The Speckled Trout should be easier to target by mid October using artificial lures. November and December are usually great months to target 15 inch Specs ( if that is your thing ). All in all, it is shaping up for a very busy fall and early Winter for us at Fish On. We still have some openings in November if anyone wants in on what should be some great fishing action with a lot of options.



August 15, 2015 report Bullred in Venice Louisianaredfishing at its best in venicce Louisiana

The last couple of weeks have given us some really good Redfishing here in Venice. I have been fishing with several groups of guys from Georgia and Oklahoma. We have been boating 40 plus “BULL” Redfish a day. One day we had 67 Reds. The average size fish was 20 pounds with the largest being 31 pounds. The weather has been calm, so we have been able to move around in different areas to fish. It has definitely been very hot as well, so we have been drinking a lot of water before we have headed out to fish. The only real problem we have been having is the sharks. Some days they are not around and some days they are everywhere. They tear up our tackle and sometimes bite our Redfish in half. Sometimes, we can move and get away from the sharks and sometimes we cannot. Everyone has been having a great time with all the fishing action.

The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is at 11.8 ft. today and is supposed to be dropping to 8.5 ft. five days from now. That is a strong drop, and the river water should start clearing, and the slot Redfish should start moving into the river and be easier to target. With the clearer water we will be able to see the Redfish strike our lures, and fight over our lures.

Anyway, the fishing has been good and the fishing should be great for this fall. If you want in on it just give me a call now to book your Fall or Winter fishing trip. Yes, we still catch redfish in winter…


August 4, 2015 report.

The “BULL” Redfish are active and they are hitting our lures hard and giving us a hard fight all around and under my boat. The weather, for the most part, has been stable, so we have been able to try different areas just in case plan “A” doesn’t work out. These big fish move around, so we have to locate them every day. It is always good when they are active and bite good. Sometimes, the fish are around but not biting.

The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is at 15.3 ft. today, and is supposed to be at 14.5 ft. five days from now. All the other stations north of us are falling as well, so the river is finally falling. It will be a while before it clears up, but it is heading in the right direction.

So, every one of my clients have really had a great time catching these big, fast, and strong fighting Redfish. Most of these folks fish a lot, but they don’t have Redfish where they live, so they love catching them. Recently, I have had folks from Texas, Missouri, California, Oregon, and even Louisiana. They all have fished with me for three or four days and stayed here at the lodge. It has all been good. Let us hope the weather stays stable and we don’t get any hurricanes. Have a good one. Capt. Shawn-out.

33 lbs beautiful Bullred for Rick with Fish On Guide Service

27 lbs Bullred for Bill















July 17, 2015 report.

We have had some really good Redfish action here in the waters around Venice for the last couple of weeks. I have not had much time off the water, so I have not been able to post a report. The weather has been hot, but the stable weather has helped us move around and find the big “BULL” Redfish. Fortunately, we have had a breeze to cool us down, but it has not been windy. The water we have been fishing has been murky due to the muddy Mississippi, but the fish locate our lures under a popping cork. When we do find clearer water the Sharks seem to be thick and tear up our tackle, so most of our better Redfishing has been in areas holding the murky water with a visibility of four inches or so. The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is at 15 ft. and is expected to crest at 15.5 ft. on the 22nd of this month, so the river is still rising. When the river starts falling the water should start clearing and make catching the slot Redfish easier to locate. We can also start using a variety of lures to catch fish instead of using the popping corks. The corks do the job.

Everyone has said they have had a good time catching the big Reds and has enjoyed staying at the lodge. We have been getting up early to beat the heat and coming in early afternoon. Everyone is usually ready to come in due to the good bite and the Summer heat.

We have had plenty of fish over 25 lbs. the last couple of weeks, with the largest weighing 33 lbs. We boated many more over 20 lbs. Every day is different, so we will see how tomorrow goes.

Give me a call to book your Fall or Winter fishing trip.








July 4, 2015 report.

I hope everyone is doing well on this fourth of July holiday. I am off the water for a couple of days and doing some chores, so I had time to give a report on the Red Fish fishing here in Venice. For the last week and a half I have had some good folks from Texas, north Louisiana, and Delaware fishing multiple days. We have caught some nice big Redfish down off the passes of the Mississippi River. We have been watching the weather reports to determine where we don’t want to fish, so we can determine where we can fish comfortably. At this point, we go to an area and begin the hunt of finding the fish. It is always good when we find the fish early, but half the time we have to move around some to find where the big Reds are roaming around and are biting. Sometimes, I know they are around, but not biting. This time of year the Sharks can move into the area you are fishing and tear up your tackle and run off the Bull Redfish. When it comes to my specialty: targeting 20 plus pound Redfish, you have to move around an area a good bit to find them, because they roam around a lot. Here lately, we have had some days when we caught (boated) 8 or 10 Reds and some days we boated 40 of them. We missed plenty as well. It causes some confusion when we hook a big Redfish and it swims rapidly right at the boat and you have to catch up to the fish to set the hook. We miss many fish because of this. By the end of the first day of fishing my clients get more used to this happening, so their hook up ratio goes up, which is a good thing.
The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is at 13.3 feet today and is expected to crest at 14.5 feet on July 19th at 14.5 feet. It is raining up north, so they keep changing the river stage prediction. They will probably change that again.
If the wind lies down we should have some good fishing trips. So, come on down for some good Redfish action, and have a good time.






June 26, 2015 Report.

The big “BULL” Redfish fishing here around Venice has been really good for the last week and a half or so. The fishing is what we are used to, mainly because the wind has settled down. When the wind lays down the tides take care of cleaning up the mess. Every day is different as far as fishing goes, and the fish bite always has different results, but it sure helps if I have experienced anglers and some decent weather. The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is at 12.1 feet today and is rising ( yet again ) to around 14.5 feet in mid July, so we have a high river and it is not dropping like we would like. Here again, if the wind stays down I can have some really good days for my clients catching the big Redfish, and we are in one of the historically calmest times of the year: hurricane season. If we don’t have a storm developing, then it is usually calm seas.

No one has been losing any weight staying here at the lodge. Everyone has liked the cooking. The ladies have been catching the biggest Redfish here lately as well.

All good here. We are booking a lot of days for this late Summer and fall and we have openings for my favorite month of the year to fish: December. If a guide from down here tells you December is not a good time to fish here, you ask them if they deer hunt. If they say “yes”, then that means they want to Deer hunt instead of fish in December. They are hunting instead of fishing. December is when I like Spec fishing as much as Redfishing using artificial lures.

Check in with you later, hopefully with great fishing news.





June 13, 2015 report.


We have been very busy here at the fishing lodge the past couple of weeks here in Venice/ Boothville, so I have not had a lot of time to give a report. Most days we have been doing well catching the funniest fish to catch: the big Bull Redfish using artificial lures. Some days we have not done very well due to the windy conditions, but we have caught some nice fish on the tough days as well. Some guides might not admit they have low production days, but I live in the real world where everything is not perfect. The windy weather makes Bull Redfish fishing tougher than when we have calm seas. Fortunately, I have had some good anglers fishing with me lately, and they have fished with me multiple days. Sometimes, it takes good fisherman to help their guide overcome some tough fishing conditions. I have had folks from Tennessee, North Carolina x 3, New York, Connecticut, and Texas here lately, and they fished hard. Some days we caught four Bull Redfish and other days forty-five. Every day is different. Every day has its challenges. Most days have been good. Every day we are wore out when we come off the water and Leila has made us comfortable back at the lodge. Plenty of food and air conditioning.

The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans has crested at 12,7 feet and should start slowly falling’. We have a lot of muddy water, but if the wind settles down everything will be just fine.
























May 27, 2015 report.


With all the rain in the Midwest and everywhere the Mississippi River is on a slight rise again, but when the wind settles down the water clears up. The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is at 11.2 feet and five days from now it will be at 12 feet, so the river is not falling as fast as we would like, but it is the wind that we want to lay down so we have different areas to fish.

We are catching some nice fish regardless of the weather. We have mostly been targeting the big “BULL” Redfish, so we are fishing the outside bays and beaches, and since the river is high that is where we need to be anyway. We have had anglers from Texas, Alabama, Florida, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee here the last couple of weeks fishing, and they called me for the fish they can’t catch where they are from: the big Redfish. They really are impressed with the power of the Redfish. We have been catching them with artificial lures. Mostly soft plastics under a popping cork. We have used some large crankbaits as well, but with the murky water it is hard to beat a popping cork for results.

Anyway, the better the weather, the better the fishing most of the time. We do well when the weather is tough at times, but we just can’t move around as much in rough seas. Let the seas be calm and the fish bite good.

Give me a call for your Fall fishing trip…..





May 16, 2015 report.


The inshore fishing here in Venice has been pretty good for the last couple of weeks, despite the wind. The wind has forced us to fish certain areas, and we have to find the fish in these areas even if we have not fished them lately. Before a couple weeks ago, we had some good days, but also some tough ones. Now that we are in mid May things are starting to come together and the fishing is more consistant because the fish are happy. I like good fishing trips not bad ones. Every now and then we have a bad one and it sucks. Good days are ahead.

The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is at 10.4 feet and was falling good until some rain storms up North somewhere brought more water into the system, so it is supposed to drop to 10.3 feet in five days, then drop again. The wind is the issue as far as being able to fish in certain areas. Oh well. The Bull Redfishing has really been good even though we have had to move around some to find them. Once we find them they have been thick. Everyone has had a great time fighting the 20 plus pound Redfish. We have also caught some nice Speckled Trout when my clients want to target them. Most of my fishing is for the trophy size Redfish on artificial lures.

Its been really good to see my clients who fish with every year at this time, and some new clients as well. I wish the fish would be at every stop, but maybe it would not be as fun if that were the case. Its been fun hanging out with them at the lodge as well. We still have some openings in June and July. We are also booking trips for the fall and early winter. I think December is my favorite month to fish here in Venice. Stay tuned to my next report. I have been so busy that I have slacked on them lately.



3 May 2015 Report

The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is cresting ( again ) today at 13.8 feet in New Orleans and all the stations north are on a fall. We always look forward to the river falling, so the water slows down and eventually clears up. The fish are still here, regardless of the river stage. The wind has been the major factor in finding the right place to fish. When the wind is up it eliminates good areas to fish. We have been catching some nice “BULL” Redfish on some of the calmer days, and when it is windy we have been fishing the canes for slot Redfish. The Speckled Trout have been showing up as well now that May has arrived. Some days have been tough fishing, but some days we have done well. It is the time of year where the weather should settle down and let us fish where we want to, instead of where we have to. Come on down and get in on some fishing.




April bullred in Venice Louisianaapril Bullred in venice louisiana

April 11, 2015 report.


The Mississippi River is high, fast, and muddy down here in Venice, but we are fishing the outside bays and catching Redfish. The big “BULL” Redfish are around, but they are not showing themselves by boiling in the water, so we are guessing where they are and stumbling on schools of them. It has not been easy to stay on them with constant action, so we have had to work for them. The slot Redfish have been near structure and they are taking dead shrimp under a cork. The foggy conditions in the morning have forced us to get a late start, but that is to be expected this time of year. April is not the best time of year to fish (because of weather conditions) but it can be really good on certain days. At the end of the day, everyone has had a good time and has caught some nice fish, even if they are tired from working hard for them. Come on down if you have time and get in on some fishing action.

Today is national pet day, so take an extra minute to take care of your pets.







bullred with fish on guide servicered fishing in venice louisianavenice louisiana redfishinglouisiana redfishing

pics from the two last weeks.


April 3, 2015 Report.

The fishing here in Venice has been more difficult for the last week and a half for me anyway, but we have still caught some really nice fish. The Redfish bite has been off somewhat. The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is currently cresting at 14.2 feet and will stay at that stage for the next 5 days and then start falling. The whole Mississippi River is falling according to all the stations north of here. I am sure the fish bite will get better here shortly. We have just had to work hard for our fish, and that can happen any time of year. The fog continues to be around in the mornings, and then the warm days burn it off. I am glad I have radar for that fog.

Although the fishing has not been at its best for the last week, everyone has caught some nice Redfish and has had a good time, so if you are thinking about coming down you may as well come, because it is fixing to get better. The fish are just in a transition with all the warm weather and high river and whatever else we don’t know about and understand. I wish I could be a fish for a couple of days to get educated. Like a killer whale. Anyway, wish I could say the fish were jumping in the boat, but we have had to move around and work for them. I don’t just report the good news. It’ s fair and balanced news, like Fox.



March 24, 2015 report.

The Redfishing down river of Venice has been pretty good here lately. I have had folks from Florida, Massachusetts, and Utah fishing with me the last week and a half and we have had solid catches of “BULL” Redfish as well as some slot Redfish. We have mostly fished for the trophy size Reds. The largest this last week was a 34 pounder caught by Chris from Boston, but we caught many in the 20 plus pound range. Everyone has been having a blast. It has been extremely foggy for the last two weeks, so we have had some late starts, but the fish have been happy.

The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is at thirteen feet now and is expected to crest fourteen feet the first of April. Its muddy, but the fish are around. As April goes into May the weather “should” turn better for fishing, and I expect this Spring to be as good as any. Hopefully, the fog will stay away and we won’t have any hurricanes to trouble us, but if it happens it happens. My job is to put people on fish no matter the weather. We are busy the rest of March so I will be letting you know how we are doing. Have a good one.



hulen tired after catching a bullred

pics from my clients from Dallas.

March 15, 2015 report.

We have had to move around a good bit to find fish, but the Redfish are around. The big issue around here in Venice is the weather that we have had the last week. The wind has not been bad, but the rain has been steady, and the fog has been really thick. We went four days when the fog never lifted all day any day. The Mississippi River traffic had to stop and anchor down. We had a bunch of ships anchored down right in front of the lodge. I couldn’t see them, but I heard them. The weather in March can be really difficult, but it is to be expected this time of year. The fishing can be good.

The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is right at eleven feet and rising. By the end of March it is supposed to be around fourteen feet. The Spring rise is here, so we are definitely fishing the outer bays and beaches where the fish will be holding. The Mississippi River temperature is around 47 degrees and little, if any, salt water, so the Redfish will like it better on the outside where the incoming tides will bring in warmer salt water.

The big”BULL” Redfish are here. We just have to get to them, and we will. Come on down if you want to get in on it.


March 6, 2015 report.

I took a group of guys from Dallas out fishing for the big Redfish last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Hullen, David, and Jim come down and fish with me a couple times a year and they really have a good time fighting the big Reds. They know February and early March are not the best time to come down fishing due to the strong cold fronts that can hit, but they also know that we have done well in the past during this time of year. It was windy when we fished, but I put the boat in areas where the ocean waves were not coming in on too bad and fished. We fished hard using popping corks with soft plastics about fifteen inches below and we also used spinnerbaits. The fish were not all that happy and we struggled to get a good bite. We also resorted to using dead shrimp on the bottom, which did catch some Black Drum up to 35lbs. The Shrimp also caught some big Reds as well, just not many of them. Each day it seemed like we would catch some nice fish right from the start and then they slack off and quit biting. Each day we caught a total of nine or ten fish. All the Redfish were over 20 lbs. with the largest being 35 lbs. The fishing was just tough, and I am not sure why. The week before we had very similar conditions and did well for three straight days. Everyone had a good time anyway, and they will be back in the Fall.

The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is at 6.4 feet today, and is supposed to rise to 7.5 feet in five days, that is to be expected this time of year, and it doesn’t bother me in the least, except for logs floating in the river. We catch just as many “BULL” Redfish in the Spring as in the Fall. They don’t go anywhere. They are still roaming around and feeding off and on. I like it much better when they are feeding on than off J. When they are not aggressive, then we have to aggravate them with our lures. I always look at the weather and tides before I go out fishing, but at the end of the day, you simply have to go out and try for the fish.

We start getting busy at the end of next week. The slower months of Winter are over. Spring is about here. My associate guides and myself still have openings, so if you want in on some fishing action, please give us a call.

Sorry no pictures, I forgot the camera in the boat.




Pics from last week...















February 21, 2015 report.


The big “BULL” Redfish cooperated with us last week in a big way. I took Jim, Eddie, and Mark from East Tennessee out fishing for three days last week. We caught 25 to 35 big Redfish each day with two largest at 30 lbs. and the smallest at 14 lbs. Most of our Redfish were between 19lbs. to 26lbs. The fishing up where they live has been crummy this Winter, so they wanted action and they got it. We tried for some smaller Reds and struck out on them, but we kept some fish under 20lbs. each day for them to take home for the grill. They ended up having a good bit of fish to take home. We released a bunch of fish during that three days (about 90). I had not been out on the water for several weeks prior to last week, so I am glad the weather was fairly good and I remembered how to fish artificial lures. These guys are coming back in June.

The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is at 3.2 feet today, and it is supposed to drop to 2.5 feet five days from now, but with all the rain to the North of us I think that it will change and start rising some. No big deal, because Spring is around the corner and the Mississippi is going to rise like it does every year. We are along for the ride, and we just need to look at what mother nature gives us on a daily basis and do our best to find fish that are biting.

We still have some openings for March and April if anyone wants to come down and go after these fish with us. Just give us a call. Stay warm and dry.

January 22 , 2015 Report.

I did not fish for the last week, but I have been getting some fishing progress reports from a couple of my guide friends that have been out fishing the last couple of days. They have had some good days later this last week with catches of forty to fifty Redfish. These are all the big Redfish from fifteen to thirty pounds with a few around nine pounds that they put in the box. Yesterday, they went out (two boats) and had seven Redfish between the two boats. The conditions were really good yesterday as far as the seas. Apparently, the fish did not like the conditions yesterday. Sometimes, the fish are there, but they don’t bite. I don’t like those slow days, but it happens.

Since I was not fishing, I took the wife out to the movie house and saw “American Sniper”. This was a really good movie. It seemed like a very realistic movie based on a true story. It is directed by Clint Eastwood, and I am a big fan of his. The main reason I think it is a realistic story is that our U.S. troops are vulnerable in combat. Their duty is not a walk in the park. Our troops are tough and well trained, but their combat experience is not like some video game where one trooper goes in and kills 200 bad guys without a scratch. Our military troops have to work really hard with no guarantees of survival against enemies that are determined to kill them. I think too many Americans think our military can go anywhere and just kick any ones ass without any consequences. This ain’t so. Unfortunately, the bad guys train for battle and are disciplined to carry out evil deeds. Just like those nuts in France that shot up those newspaper people. I think we Americans have an advantage over the Europeans as far as this type of terrorist threat, because we have a right to own weapons. Most U.S. states allow us to carry weapons. We have a chance to defend ourselves when we are out and about. We can’t stop every threat from happening, but when it does, if we are alert and ready, the board meeting at the newspaper office will have some weapons handy under that sports coat. Maybe even a shotgun behind the file cabinets. At least over here, the average Joe can be an equalizer if the bad guys corner us. In Europe, only the government and the bad guys are armed. Here, we have the third type of armed people: your average law abiding citizen. Of course, some states won’t let you be ready, like up in the Northeast. Or, these states make it so difficult to own a weapon that it’s unrealistic to try to own one. Pennsylvania, and Maine are on board with the constitution, but the rest of the Northeast doesn’t like people to be able to defend themselves. The law can only respond to what’s already happened.

I bought the movie “The Hurt Locker”. This is a great movie as well. It has the last Jason Bourne guy in it, I forgot his name. It seemed realistic as well for the same reasons. I recommend both shows to see. My favorite part of both movies is seeing the bad guys go down ….

Time to go back to fishing….

January 14, 2015. Report.


It is January, which is typically the slowest month of the year for me as far as fishing charters, but we have been out a few days locating the big Redfish. In January the cold fronts bring strong winds which make fishing more difficult, but not impossible. With the strong winds, the water levels drop, so you have to make sure you have enough water where you stop the boat or you may get stuck in the mud. When the North wind stops blowing the South wind brings warm moist air that brings fog, which makes navigating difficult. At the end of the day, mother nature can make fishing more difficult than we want any day of the year, so we may as well go fishing and have a plan”A” along with a plan “B”. More days than not we find solid numbers of fish during the winter months.

Currently, the Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is around 7ft. and is expected to be around this stage for the next week. The water temperature in the river is in the mid forties, with the outer bays surrounding the river in the lower fifties. These outer bays is where the Redfish will be holding due to saltier warmer water. This is where we will be fishing until early Summer, when the Mississippi River typically falls again (no guarantees on that. It falls when it wants to).

So, if you like to fish and you want to go out and give some fishing a try, now is a good time to give me a call and set some dates up. Particularly if you are snowed in somewhere in the Northern U.S. now is a good time to come down and get away from ice fishing. It’s all good. I will keep you all up to date on my fishing trips…

January 02, 2015. Report.


I have some good news from down here in the Venice, Louisiana area: The Redfish are still here in 2015. It seems as if they are hitting the same lures we were using in 2014. J We don’t have to make any major changes in our strategy for finding the fish. We look at the weather and figure out where we definitely don’t want to go based on the seas, and go where we can fish without the boat bouncing around really hard. We get to the area and start fishing and looking for any sign of the fish. If we don’t have any luck with the fish, then we go to plan “B” and hope the fish are there. I always like it better when plan “A” works.

January can be a difficult month to fish because of the heavy winds that come with the cold fronts. When things settle down we have to be concerned about the fog. Thick fog on the Mississippi River. The fishing can be terrific during this time, so I make myself available to stand up to the challenge of winter fishing.

The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is currently at 3.7 ft. and in five days it’s supposed to at 4.6 ft. So the river is rising, and I don’t care. The Reds don’t leave and go to Alabama because the river gets high. They are here, swimming around. Some days they bite great and some days they don’t and some time during the day they might bite better than other times.

Anyway, went out today in heavy fog with some Colorado guys and did good on the “BULL” REDS, and earlier in the week with a family from Ohio who had a ball. It’s the time of year when business slows some and I will enjoy some time off, but after a few days I am ready to get back out on the water even if the weather looks tough. I look forward to the new year. I hope we all have a great year.

Give me a call to book your next trip. Now is the time: more choice of dates to accommodate you!



A few more pics of my last trips.













December 24, 2014 Report.

The big Redfish bite this December has been outstanding down the Mississippi River around the end of the passes South of Venice. October and November were good, but the fish really turned on this December. I never know when to tell people to come fishing here when they ask: “When is the best month to come fishing?”, because the fish are always here and we fish every month of the year. We can have a great day on any given day. We can also have not such a great day on any day. Fortunately, we don’t have too many terrible days. Anyway, this December has been great. There has been so many 18 to 30 lb. Redfish holding in certain areas that one fish will take the soft plastic under a cork, then another fish will hit the cork under the water, and they fight over it. The “BULL” Redfish end up tearing up your tackle they are so thick. They destroy all your tackle, or break your cork in half. Its best to have a couple of rods rigged with just a lead head and plastic when the fish get thick so there is only one target for them to hit. The first fish there gets the bait, and the other fish can follow the hooked fish to the boat, but not tear up everything. We have been boating between forty to fifty fish a day. One of our boats boated sixty- four. All of the Redfish have been big. That does not count all the misses and busted up tackle ones. Mucho action. This can happen in any month. I keep telling people that December is an under rated month. January and February can be great as well, but they are the toughest months due to the cold fronts and fog, but the fish are here. The fish don’t leave.

It is Christmas time, so I have to go, but I have more to tell. I will report back in a couple of days. Merry Christmas!


December 10 , 2014 report.

The big “BULL” Redfish are still hitting good down here in the Venice, Louisiana area. We have had folks fishing with us the last couple of weeks from Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, Louisiana and North Carolina. They all came down for the big Reds. We have been concentrating our fishing down at the passes off the Mississippi River. The beaches and bays near the mouths of the passes have been holding the 20 plus pound Redfish. They roam around, so they are not sitting in the same spots, but if you work an area over for a while you eventually find them. It is always better when you find them early rather than later. We are constantly changing locations based on the wind and seas. If you can’t fish an area due to the seas, then you don’t go back there no matter how well you did there yesterday, because you are wasting your time. Most of our fish have been caught with soft plastics under a cork.

The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is at 3.6 feet today, and is supposed to be at 4.0 feet in five days, so it is rising. The river should continue to rise after this week, so anyone wanting Speckled Trout will have a hard time. We never have been spoiled this year with a low river. It fluctuated so much this year, so we had to work to find slot Reds and Trout. It really did not bother us with the big Redfish fishing.

It seems everyone has enjoyed the fishing and the Fish On Lodge. Leila has been cooking up some good meals and keeping the place clean and comfortable. It has been like having family over all year. About half of everyone that has been over has been here before, so there has been a lot to talk about. We have had a few tough days fishing this year, but most of the time we have found some good action on the big Redfish, especially when you fish multiple days and make a vacation out of it. All good here. We will touch base soon.

My calendar for 2015 is pretty much wide open as of now. So, now is the time to book your next trip as you will be able to get the dates you want. it is never too early to book a fishing trip in Venice Louisiana!


November 25, 2014 report.

The “BULL” Redfish fishing has been good the last couple of weeks when we could get to them. The strong cold fronts we have been getting have brought heavy winds and they limit where we can fish, so on the windy days we have targeted the slot Redfish in the passes. The Mississippi River stage in New Orleans is around four feet, and the river water is a clearer brown color, not the clear green color we are used to this time of year. The Speckled Trout have moved in the River in some areas, particularly down river from Venice. Some friends of mine have been catching them on live shrimp. Usually, by now, we would be catching the trout on soft plastics in the river, but I have not talked to anyone who has done well on them using artificial baits. The big Redfish like the lures though. They will eat them up. The weather does not have to be great to catch the big Reds, but it helps when the wind stays below 20mph. I work hard, but I can’t work miracles.

My clients over the last couple of weeks have been from Texas, Alabama, and South Carolina, and they have fished three or four days with us. They said they had fun and enjoyed staying with us at the lodge. We ate good and had a good time. We have a few days off for Thanksgiving and then get back on the water hunting down the fish, especially the big Redfish. It’s a hunt everyday.